Shower Trays

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  • Easy Plumb Riser Kits

Shower trays are a stylish and functional aspect of a shower enclosure which contains the runoff water that flows from your shower, to prevent your bathroom from flooding. They are the perfect fixture to create a shower enclosure in any bathroom, and with the range of sizes and shapes on offer at Liberty Bathrooms, you’re sure to find the right tray to suit your needs.

We stock a selection of low profile, stone resin shower trays all of which measure between 40mm and 45mm in height, giving a modern designer look as well as making the trays easy to access.  

The huge variety of sizes available from our range of trays means those who are looking for models which are easy to get in and out of will easily find a tray to match their requirements.

Each shower tray that we stock can be used with an additional Easy Plumb Leg Kit, which allows the tray to be lifted up off the floor using adjustable legs that can be quickly and easily screwed into the bottom of the tray. This kit means the tray can fit almost any shape or size of enclosure that you might need, and the plastic panels which are provided in the kits mean you can easily hide the legs from view.

The shower trays on offer at Liberty Bathrooms are also ideal for use with our wet room shower screens, to create a shower enclosure to suit your bathroom’s personality perfectly. The different shapes and sizes of shower trays available in our range means we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Liberty Bathrooms.

All of our shower trays are manufactured in the UK and are made from stone resin, topped with a high quality acrylic skin. All of our trays come with a comprehensive lifetime guarantee so we can pass the confidence we have in our products on to our customers.