Understanding The Different Types Of Bathroom Taps

November 25, 2011 in Bathroom Taps

The choice of bathroom taps that a homeowner makes plays a big role in how the overall bathroom will look. For a fantastic collection of bathroom taps, regardless of style, look at Liberty Bathrooms. Whether your bathroom is designed in the traditional or classic style or leans more to ultra modern design, there is an endless choice to pick from. Bathroom taps could be basin mixer, pillar, wall mounted taps or bath shower mixers, and within all these options, there are different categories.

Of course, that may lead some homeowners to feel overwhelmed by the huge selection available to them, but it does not have to be a difficult choice. Instead, one has to take a sensible approach. For instance, if there are curvaceous shapes in your bathroom pottery, just taps that are rounded in design. On the other hand, if there are angular shapes, choose straight lines, which would be more true to modern design. That said, it is imperative that the finish and materials in the bathroom taps you choose are carried into the rest of the bathroom pottery. Failure to do so would create a mismatched look that would not be ideal to design scheme. Choosing chrome finished bathroom taps is a safe decision, as it is quite the popular choice in new bathrooms. The reason is because they can easily blend into any design scheme. A bonus is that chrome is easy to maintain. However, if you want to be different, choose matte black finished taps.

A new bathroom could definitely benefit from a single lever basin tap. For one thing, it comes in a wide range of designs. For another thing, it makes it more user friendly, enabling the user to adjust the hot and cold water with just the one lever. Mixer taps are quite popular as well, and also come in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs. They could be 2- or 3-holed versions, where the mixer tap operates on a single spout and two levers are required for operation. One of levers is to adjust the cold water, and the other is to adjust the hot water. Pillar taps are to be used in basins that have two tap holes pre-drilled into them. More often than not, they are the least expensive option available to consumers, but that does not mean that they are boring in design, as there are numerous styles to pick from.

The wall-mounted taps are the best option to provide for a more neat and streamlined look to your bathroom. These are ideal when coupled with countertop basins and baths where no tap holes have been pre-drilled. Instead, all the pipes are concealed behind the wall. Although this is a beautiful look, the installation can present some confusion.

For a bathtub that is positioned in the middle of the room or far away from the wall, floor-standing bath taps are the best solution. A popular option among consumers is the bath shower mixer and bath fillers.

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