Toilet Seat – Give your Bathroom and instant makeover

December 1, 2010 in Plumbing Accessories

Should you be considering a bathroom facelift without incurring the cost of a full redesign, one of the easiest methods to give it a brand new facelift is to change accessories and fittings which are worn or have experienced heavy use. And together with things such as your taps, shower head and bath towel rail, one particular product that will help enhance the look of your bathroom is a brand-new toilet seat.

The perfect toilet seat for your bathroom will probably be the one that complements existing color schemes and decor as well the type of toilet you’ve got. While visiting an internet store or local showroom will provide you with lots of design ideas, here are some tips that will help you make a decision that’s practical as well as attractive.

Round or oval? A quick look at your toilet bowl ought to be sufficient to inform you whether your toilet is round or elongated — however , if you need to check, get a steel rule or measuring tape and measure the length from the front of the bowl to the the seat hinges or even the holes for them. An oval toilet will be about 18 1/2 inches long, and a round toilet about 16 1/2 inches. Manufacturers generally produce seats which will fit one type or the other.

Wood or plastic? Lots of people just like the cozy, luxurious look of a wooden toilet seat, and there are several various woods or finishes to complement a variety of different decorating styles. However plastic is another sensible and good-looking substitute. Here are a few issues to think about:

* Price: even though toilet seats of both types will come with optional characteristics that cost you a a bit more, solid wood seats will be more costly.

* Comfort: a wooden seat might feel more comfortable to sit on when compared to a plastic one, and several people favor it’s feel against the skin.

* Toughness: most contemporary toilet seats are produced to resist typical use and weight, even though breaking is possible in both kinds. Many wooden seats are formed from molded wood for higher strength, and you will also come across high quality plastic styles for added toughness.

* Ease of cleaning: quite a few users think that plastic seats may be damaged more easily as time passes, but modern seats of both types generally provide resistant surface finishes. Try to find optional features like a mechanism for quick seat removal, letting you thoroughly clean round the hinge area with less effort.

Custom hinges or closing features? If you want the appearance of polished chrome, brass or other metallic finishes, you’ll find a variety of different hinge styles on wooden toilet seats. Plastic-type seats generally have plastic hinges, but might also include features like a slow closing mechanism that’s built to stop the seat slamming shut.

For those who have other specific needs or preferences, you might be capable of finding additional options such as cushioned or heated toilet seats, or models with arms, an open front or a built-in potty for toddler training.

If you’re looking for more ideas to transform your bathroom, take a look in our plumbing accescories catalogue where we stock toilet seats, wastes, stand pipes and accessories.

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