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Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

August 24, 2012 in Bathroom Mirrors

Energy efficient and attractive, backlit bathroom mirrors are one of the great new trends in bathroom design. Using LED lights, they give a great light quality and are inexpensive to operate. They come in a variety of styles, so there’s one to suit any room.

Mirrors for small rooms

The smaller backlit bathroom mirrors on the market are great for cloakrooms and en suites. The six-light mirror has three lights recessed on each side. The result is an even lighting that is perfect for shaving or applying make-up. It also comes with a heated demister pad, keeping it usable even after a shower.

For a slightly larger mirror, the eight-light style is the perfect option. It features all the benefits of the six-light option while also including integrated shaver sockets and a motion sensor operation.

Mirrors for modern rooms

While any of the backlit bathroom mirrors on the market can fit into a modern design, there are some that are particularly stunning. Coming in various sizes, the LED lighting strip mirrors have a futuristic look. With motion sensors and the choice of vertical or horizontal mounting, these mirrors are a sleek and modern finish for a minimalist room.

The choice of a single lighting strip gives a bolder look, while the three-strip option has a more delicate modernity. Both styles have the same great features, and both provide great functional lighting. These backlit bathroom mirrors are a way to combine style and practicality.

Statement pieces

A backlit bathroom mirror can also be a great statement piece for a bathroom. Choices like the Inifniti LED mirror can be a fun addition to a bathroom. This mirror has an optical illusion of light receding into the distance and gives the sense that the lighted mirror is sunk deep into the wall.

More than just a novelty, these backlit bathroom mirrors are also highly functional. With shaver sockets and pull cord operation, they can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The 900mm by 500mm mirror has a large reflective surface perfect for your daily routine.

Styles for any room

Whatever your personal style there’s a backlit bathroom mirror for you. The curved inner line edges of the continuous backlighting strip style mirror has a wonderful retro feel to it. With larger strips on the sides, it is a great functional mirror. It is a stylish alternative to the more basic designs, but doesn’t skimp on the features.

Backlit bathroom mirrors are a great way to combine function and style. They are energy efficient, using LED technology to provide a high quality of light at a fraction of the cost. With many including integrated shaver sockets, they are built for the bathroom. There are also many with great features such as motion sensors and demisting pads.

Maximise Your Bathroom With A Modern Mirror

April 23, 2012 in Bathroom Mirrors

Modern bathrooms are strikingly different to the traditional designs that many of us grew up with. In the past, the room was relatively simple and only basic fixtures and necessary components were actually included. This, however, is not the case now. A lot of different accessories and fixtures have been added to make the room more practical and much more pleasurable to use. Chief amongst these is the bathroom mirror, which has become the most important accessory and is one of the first items on the list for a new build or renovation.

During the installation of bathroom mirror there are different considerations that must be taken into account to ensure that it is practical as possible, and also to make the overall room look as attractive as you can. The basic purpose of bathroom is for washing and grooming and the  mirror is often central to doing both these things. From washing your face and brushing your teeth, to dying your hair and shaving. as well as many other tasks are  more easily performed in front of mirror; making it essential for daily use. Styling hair, applying a face-mask or washing the face, putting on make-up, and shaping and trimming eyebrows are all only really possible when looking at your reflection.

Normally a bathroom mirror is over the vanity or basin and its size is of the same as the vanity or basin beneath it. It does not matter if the vanity or basin is double, single, or corner style. Whatever the size of bathroom vanity or basin, the mirror is usually equally sized to bring symmetry to the bathroom. Like any other accessory the mirror is selected with great care and focus on its need, and the same is the case in the selection of mirror. Some mirrors are coming with additional bracket to place toothpaste, shampoo, comb, and toothbrush, liquid soap to perform every day tasks without any extra effort. An important feature of modern bathroom mirror is when they are paired with vanity. Vanities are available in antique, contemporary, Victorian, and modern styles and mirrors make a unique combos. The same style is given to the mirror on its boundaries to match it with the vanity. Bathroom mirror is the only place where a man or woman stands and adores him / herself for long.

In modern bathroom styles, mirror is not only fixed in front of vanity. This small mirror restricts the use for only face. Now, people want to see them perfect in their new outfits, want to see their body as to see the figure or hidden areas to make them more clean and tidy. This requires another full length mirror that is placed in either wall where they can see the body or the dress to get satisfaction. This mirror is also tried to match with the vanity mirror to bring order in the bathroom setting. Antique style bathroom tends to have wide wooden boarder with carving or color. There are different shapes as round, square, rectangle, and arch that are suited well in the modern style. Victorian style mirror renders a luxury look to the bathroom. It, at once, enhances the appearance of bathroom. Just focus on the interior so that the selected mirror does not spoil the overall look of bathroom. Mirrors with brass frames give contemporary look, while raw wood attach on the four sides brings vintage effect.

Modern approach of bathroom mirror is the mirror without any frame. The border can be completely omitted or it can be frosted or painted in different designs. This gives a sleek and delicate touch to the bathroom. A frameless mirror with simple vanity is a relatively modern approach that facilitates another full sized mirror on the adjacent or the same wall and really look great.

Shine Like A Star

January 20, 2012 in Bathroom Mirrors

When it comes to applying make up, tidying eyebrows, brushing your teeth or even shaving, having a well illuminated mirror is vital. Obviously, you need a mirror to be able to see what you are doing, and the larger the reflective surface you have the more it will benefit you in your grooming. But the lighting of the mirror is important too.

If the light on you while you are using the mirror comes from one angle far more than any of the others it will cause shadows to fall on your face and also cause a slight distortion effect caused by one side of your face being better illuminated than the other. The shadow can mask areas that need work and also mean that you apply things unevenly: focussing on one area more than it needs while neglecting others. Foundation may be unevenly applied, eyebrows left uneven, plaque on teeth mistaken for shadow and stubbled areas missed. This is a problem for the whole family.

The best solution is to have lighting all around the mirror. Previously this meant placing your mirror with a light above it (should you have a model with a light above it), and in between the artificial light of the bathroom and natural light of the bathroom window. Obviously this was dependent on the time of day and also subject to the differing strengths and types of each of these lights. This is even if you were lucky enough to have a bathroom laid out in a manner that supported such a placement.

We now have a beautiful range of bathroom mirrors with lights built into them that completely surround the usable surface of the mirror. As well as looking gorgeous in their own right, they are also massively practical. When you see make up mirrors used in films and at the theatre they typically consist of a mirror surrounded by lights. There is a good reason for this: the lights ensure that every portion of the face is equally lit and prevent shadows or a lack of illumination hiding and feature or detail of the face. Foundation and make up can be applied evenly, with every blemish and imperfection exposed, eyebrows and hair can be plucked and tidied evenly, shaving can be done thoroughly and efficiently and teeth brushed to a dazzling shine. All because of great illumination. This is what our brand new range of mirrors offers.

However, they don’t just offer this: they feature a host of other great features like in built thermometers and clocks, hidden shaver sockets and are beautifully designed so that you can find a style to suit both traditional and the most modern of bathrooms. They’re highly practical, beautifully designed and surprisingly inexpensive.

Make Your Bathroom Seem Larger And Add Light And Functionality

January 14, 2012 in Bathroom Mirrors

One of the most important items in your bathroom is the bathroom mirror. Sadly, it is often overlooked and sometimes solely confined to the front of an awkwardly placed medicine cabinet. However, placed correctly, a mirror can transform a bathroom as well as adding functionality in a host of ways. Some of which are obvious and some of which are not.

A mirror is an essential part of any grooming routine. It enables you to see when you have lint from a towel caught on your face, work out how best to style your hair, if you have a trace of toothpaste left around your mouth or apply make up or shave. For this reason, you need one that it is large, clear and sensibly placed. Usually they are hung over a basin, as many of the tasks that you may need a mirror for you also need a basin for.

Mirrors should also be well lit. If you don’t have enough light then they will reflect back a shadowy figure, which won’t actually help you work out how you look. The second thing about them being well lit is that they reflect the light. This makes the mirror an effective secondary light source and can create illumination where there may otherwise not be any and lighten the room as a whole.

This illumination, reflected back into the room, makes the room as a whole appear larger and brighter. It makes the room more attractive and welcoming, You can buy mirrors with their own illumination, either built into the back of the mirror itself or as part of the surround. This is especially useful when concentrating on a task where shadows can cause problems, for instance when you apply make up and a shadow may be mistake for a blemish or poor lighting means that you don’t know what tone you are looking for. Ideally you need bright, all round light to give you the best effects.

Illumination is not the only reason that a mirror makes a bathroom look bigger, however.  By reflecting back the entire of the bathroom within the mirror’s pane, the bathroom looks far more spacious. This gives the room a false depth that it doesn’t really have and is another good reason to make sure that the mirror is placed somewhere where it is often seen and that the mirror is as large and as good quality as possible.

Many different styles of mirrors are available, ranging from those which are sympathetic to a traditional bathroom to those which fit perfectly in a modern home. As a single addition, they can transform a room like no other, and they are inexpensive yet vital part of any bathroom.

Maximising Space In A Small Bathroom

December 29, 2011 in Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Mirrors

Having a small bathroom may cause you a lot of discomfort especially when you have to use the room. What should be a pleasurable period of relaxation can be spoiled by having to use a cramped or confined area. If you have no space to extend your bathroom, you can still make it appear larger. This is through playing around with your bathroom interior and design. On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom, it does not have to look plain as you can make it more interesting. You can make a few adjustments to create just enough space instead of too much. Here are a few ways how to go about it.

A mirror in your bathroom often serves as the centre of attraction. This is because the mirror reflects the contents of the bathroom thereby creating an impression of a larger space. A plant or flower could also enhance the look in your bathroom as long as it is put in a position where it does not interfere with your activities in the bathroom.

The other thing that could help in the enhancement of your little room is the lighting. Ensure that there is sufficient light in your bathroom whether at night or during the day. This will remove the impression that you are in a matchbox whenever you go in there.

You can enhance the height of your bathroom by the use of white ceilings in addition to good lighting. Having bright tiles on your walls also go a long way in making your bathroom appear more spacious.

For larger bathrooms, on the other hand, you can make use of extra space by putting up in built cabinets and shelves. This will not only act as storage but it will unify the space by having a consistent design and by introducing lines that continue across the room. Similarly, you can have a shower and bath in your bathroom in order to create versatility without compromise.

Small Bathroom? Make the Most of the Space you Have

July 2, 2011 in Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Mirrors, Baths, Cheap Bathroom Suites

It is not terribly uncommon for an average size home to have a small bathroom. However, just because your bathroom is small it does not mean that it cannot by luxurious or stylish. You can easily transform your small bathroom space into a very sophisticated bathroom that you will love spending time in and which you can be proud of. You will only need to be certain that you make smart choices regarding the layout and design of your bathroom.

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Finding the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

November 19, 2010 in Bathroom Mirrors

Rid your home of a lifeless, undersized bathroom by introducing a hint of light in the form of a mirror. A bathroom mirror will reflect the room’s natural light creating the illusion of a bigger space. Serving both functional and aesthetic purposes a mirror is ideal, even in the most basic bathroom.

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