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Make a Splash with Your Dream Bathroom

June 30, 2011 in Bathroom Suites, Cheap Bathroom Suites

Have you ever walked out of a spa, wishing that you owned your own luxury bathroom? If so, you should know that it is not only swanky hotels that can have luxurious baths as today’s manufacturers are producing some very high-end bathroom suites that can make your feel like royalty right inside your own home.

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Refresh your Bathroom with new Bathroom Taps

February 14, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Some people go to the trouble of spending thousands of pounds on an entirely new bathroom suite for the sole purpose of revitalising their bland boring bathroom. However, changing a few key features is an inexpensive solution to freshening up and restoring your dated design. An important ‘must-do’ in any bathroom renovation is replacing your bathroom taps. Not only do bathroom taps collect dirt, grime and mould but their designs change rapidly which means they can often become out dated and redundant.

S130 Bath Filler Tap

S130 Bath Filler Tap

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Creating the Perfect Traditional Bathroom Suite

February 14, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Replicating the designs of the Victorian era and incorporating them into your bathroom interior is a beautiful way to keep your bathroom looking authentic and traditional. The Victorian era was a popular period devoted to ornate furniture and floral patterns. With this is mind, recreating the flamboyant styles from this era is relatively easy.

Windsor 1760mm Double Ended Bathroom Suite

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Stay in Shape with a Clean Bathroom

February 9, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Balancing your work life and family life, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle can become quite tiresome – so much so that staying in shape slips off your list of priorities. Sustaining a healthy body and mind consists of a good balanced diet and plenty of exercise. If however the idea of sit-ups and morning jogs fills you with fear and dread, the great news is that you can burn hundreds of calories everyday by doing your daily house chores. This article aims to inform you how it is easier to burn more calories by cleaning your bathroom than it is in the gym.

bathroom suites

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Budget Bathroom Suites – A guide to finding one.

December 20, 2010 in Cheap Bathroom Suites

Having an attractive-looking bathroom is imperative if you wish to showcase your home to staying guests or future home-buyers. Unfortunately, the more supreme bathroom suites tend to cost thousands of pounds, leaving you with an empty bank balance. You may be left wondering how it is then feasible to transform your dull dreary bathroom into a contemporary spa-like haven on a budget of less than £1000.

Most home developers choose expensive bathroom suites because they are under the impression that the cheaper bathroom suites are less durable. This is not the case. All bathroom suites, no matter how much they cost, are tried and tested to meet British Standards. Moreover, you will be given a guarantee in case you are not happy with the product and wish to return it. Therefore, it is a common misconception that cheap bathroom suites are not as sufficient as high-cost suites.

Purchasing a cheap bathroom suite has its advantages. Three piece bathroom suites work particularly well as they are cost-effective and are much easier to install than four piece suites. A three piece suite comprises of toilet, sink and bath; or toilet, sink and shower. Opting for a single shower enclosure opposed to a bath will save you space, time and money; whereas installing both a bath and separate shower enclosure can be expensive. You may however wish to have a bath fitted for future home re-selling purposes. If this be the case, steer clear of cast iron and steel manufactured baths as they are often over-priced. Acrylic baths are an ideal choice as they are hard-wearing and represent great value for money.

Try to maintain a similar layout to your previous design as changing the position of bathroom fixtures may require re-plumbing and re-wiring which can lead to additional hefty charges. Likewise, avoid spending copious amounts of money on new taps and shower heads as they can be replaced at very little cost if you shop around wisely. Careful planning and research is the key to a successful budget bathroom makeover.

Cheap bathroom suites come in a range of stylish designs available to suit any bathroom interior. Whether you are looking for something modern and chic or traditional and timeless, there are plenty of designs readily accessible to accommodate your needs. Even the most basic, bland bathroom suite can be transformed into a stunning sanctuary with the right furnishings and bathroom accessories.

Acquiring a unique, one-off design need not be difficult as many modern bathroom suites are now available at competitively low prices. The contemporary P-Shape Bathroom Suite is a perfect choice for those with a smaller bathroom wishing to enjoy the same luxuriousness as a bigger bathroom. The P-Shape bath offers you the choice of bathing or showering without taking up vital floor space. In effect you get the best of both worlds at an affordable price. Other modern designs include free-standing baths and whirlpools.

There are hundreds of cheap bathroom packages that promise to deliver within 3 working days. Do not settle for the first quote you receive; shop around and you are bound to find a bathroom suite to meet your requirements and budget.