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Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

February 28, 2013 in Bathroom Tips, Guides

Small bathrooms can be a design challenge for even the most experienced designers. Luckily, the market is full of innovative solutions to small space issues.

Combination units

One way to solve a lack of space is to find bathroom units that serve more than one purpose. Some of the best bathroom designs for small bathrooms use combination units such as showers over baths, or basins with storage space below.

Reducing the pieces

Another solution in many bathroom designs for small bathrooms is to determine what isn’t needed in the room. For some people, there’s no need to have a bath in every bathroom. Showers can be a great space saver in small bathrooms, and can also save water and money.

Wall mounted units can also help reduce the space used in the bathroom. Wall mounted or back to wall style toilets have a smaller projection, meaning they leave you with more floor space. They also hide the cistern and pipes within the wall, giving a tidier appearance.

Creative storage

One of the things that can make a bathroom seem smaller is clutter. Storage solutions for small bathrooms might need to be a bit more creative than that for larger bathrooms. Some ideas include high shelving, allowing you to keep items like towels out of the main bathroom area.

Other bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms include inset storage. By building storage into the walls, you don’t lose any valuable floor space. Such storage can also help give a place to smaller items, such as toothbrushes and shavers.

Dividing the space

A small bathroom might make you think that everything needs to be open, but a surprisingly effective option is to put in privacy walls. These short walls can be great for separating the toilet from the rest of the room. This can give the sense of a larger space, and can also add functionality and the ability for more than one person to use the room at a time.

Hide the door

A great bathroom design idea for small bathrooms is to do away with the hinged door. Using a sliding door can allow you to use the full area within the bathroom. While hinged doors require clearance for the door to swing open into, a sliding door stays flat against the wall. Sliding doors make it possible to add a bit more storage space, or can even slide open into the back wall of a shower enclosure.

Ideas for decorating a bathroom or kitchen

February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thinking of redecorating? Well, let’s face it – interior decorating can be overwhelming. The options are literally endless. Then again, that’s what also makes it so much fun…right?


Well, we’re here to help you finish your project in record time, on a shoestring budget. You can kill two birds with one stone by tackling some key fundamentals of two rooms at once – some tips for creating stylish modern kitchens and bathrooms.

They are both rooms that need to show off your personal style, but one that is practical and versatile too.


…is one part of decorating and designing modern kitchens or bathrooms that can eat right into your budget. You can save quite a bit of money by installing ceramic tiles or vinyl.


…is absolutely key in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Lights such as wall sconces are not too difficult for a layman to install and you’ll have a bright and inviting bathroom as a result.


…is a quick and easy way to alter your modern kitchen and bathroom on a budget. Try painting the window trims with either contrasting colours or bright white.


…quirky storage items from other rooms. Antique chests, for example, are perfect for putting in guest towels and toiletries. Other items to use might include wooden crates, or boxes covered in fabric to add personality.

Rustic ladders…

…leaning against walls, used step ladders can hold towels or be used as shelves.

Mosaic or painted ceramic tiles…

…is an inexpensive way to create a colorful backsplash behind sinks in modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Glass containers with lids…

…can hold useful or decorative items, such as cotton balls and cotton swabs or glass beads to add more colour.

Artwork in frames…

…adds that extra personal touch to your bathroom.

Finish up…

…with some plants and candles.

Remember there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating and you have our express permission to think outside the box.

Happy decorating!

Bathroom Furniture Sets

December 19, 2012 in Bathroom Furniture

Coordinated looks for any bathroom

Bathroom furniture sets are an easy way of giving any bathroom a designer look. With pieces designed to go together, furniture collections can pull together a room of any size and any style.
Most bathroom furniture sets include all the elements needed for a full bathroom. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of bathroom design, with no worry about whether individual pieces will look good together.
Bathroom furniture combines design and function, and many sets offer a variety of combinations to suit any room. The storage options are particularly important in smaller bathrooms, en suites, and cloakrooms where space is at a premium.
By hiding plumbing, such as under a basin or behind a toilet, bathroom furniture can also help make a bathroom look tidier. With a coordinated bathroom furniture set, the units work together to create a complete bathroom look.
A bathroom furniture set can also be a great starting point for making a bathroom reflect individual tastes. By coordinating the main parts of the room, the accent features, such as accessories, linens,and hardware, can really stand out.
Modern styles
Bathroom furniture sets are especially good for modern styles. The Ultra Design range comes in black, white, or a stunning red. These sets include a variety of options to suit any size room. Whether you want a wall mounted unit or floor mounted unit, the set offers a thin profile basin over metal box drawers. This gives you style and function, and the units match the set’s other pieces, which include a back to wall toilet unit and cupboards.
For an earthy look, the Tavistock Kobe range and Hudson Reed Grove range both offer rich wood tones. The Hudson Reed Grove set includes a mirror, basin and cabinet, and side cabinet. Tavistock’s Kobe range includes several sizes of vanity units with basins, bath panels, and WC units.
A whole-house style
Bathroom furniture sets are also a great way to carry a style over from room to room. With many styles offering a variety of sizes, the sets are designed for use in big or small rooms. If you have multiple bathrooms, or an en suite or cloakroom, you can bring the same top quality design to each room.
The Ultra Glide range offers a dark wood finish that can be the basis of bathroom and cloakroom designs. The Ultra Glide bathroom furniture set includes two mirror options, two styles of side cabinets, and two basin sizes. The result is a modular style that can fit into any size room.

Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

December 16, 2012 in Cloakroom Suites

Small on space but big on style

A small bathroom can be a design challenge. Trying to fit everything in can seem like a daunting task.However, with bathroom collections designed for small spaces and a bit of creativity, it’s possible to get a bathroom to have all the amenities without feeling cramped.
Small designs 
A great help in coming up with bathroom designs for small spaces is specially made bathroom units.While normal units can often work in small spaces, there are a number of bathroom
suites designed to save space.
Small-projection toilets, such as those offered by the Tavistock Micra and RAK Compact collections,combine top quality function with a space-saving design. For even more available space, a wall-hung toilet can be a great option. By hiding the cistern, these toilets are attractive and compact.
There are also plenty of small basins available, including corner units.
Shower enclosures and shower baths
Small spaces are a particular challenge when it comes to the bathroom’s biggest feature: the bath. In some bathroom designs for small spaces, the solution is to skip a bath altogether. If you’re a shower person, don’t feel that you need to include a bath in every bathroom. A top quality shower enclosure can take up less room than a bath.
By having a shower-only design, you can still have luxury. Many shower enclosures offer a modern look, and there are options for any type of space. A bifold shower enclosure can be a great design choice for small bathrooms, with no extra space needed for the door to open.
If you aren’t ready to forego a bath entirely, shower baths can be a perfect compromise for small spaces. For rooms where a separate shower and bath aren’t possible, a shower bath can
give the best of both. They are great for families, too. A P-shaped shower bath can fit well into traditional bathroom designs, while an L-shaped unit fits perfectly with more modern
Bathroom storage
One of the challenges in any size bathroom is getting enough storage. Most bathroom designs for small spaces involve being creative with storage. With vanity units, cabinets, and other storage units,it’s possible to have pieces that serve multiple purposes.

Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

December 11, 2012 in Bathroom Mirrors

Energy efficient and attractive, backlit bathroom mirrors are one of the great new trends inbathroom design. Using LED lights, they give a great light quality and are inexpensive to

operate.They come in a variety of styles, so there’s one to suit any room.
Mirrors for small rooms 
The smaller backlit bathroom mirrors on the market are great for cloakrooms and en suites. The six-light mirror has three lights recessed on each side. The result is an even lighting that is perfect for shaving or applying make-up. It also comes with a heated demister pad, keeping it usable even aftera shower.
For a slightly larger mirror, the eight-light style is the perfect option. It features all the benefits of thesix-light option while also including integrated shaver sockets and a motion sensor
Mirrors for modern rooms 
While any of the backlit bathroom mirrors on the market can fit into a modern design, there aresome that are particularly stunning. Coming in various sizes, the LED lighting strip mirrors
have a futuristic look. With motion sensors and the choice of vertical or horizontal mounting, these mirrorsare a sleek and modern finish for a minimalist room.
The choice of a single lighting strip gives a bolder look, while the three-strip option has a moredelicate modernity. Both styles have the same great features, and both provide great
functional lighting. These backlit bathroom mirrors are a way to combine style and practicality.
Statement pieces 
A backlit bathroom mirror can also be a great statement piece for a bathroom. Choices like theInifniti LED mirror can be a fun addition to a bathroom. This mirror has an optical illusion
of lightreceding into the distance and gives the sense that the lighted mirror is sunk deep into the wall.
More than just a novelty, these backlit bathroom mirrors are also highly functional. With shaversockets and pull cord operation, they can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The
900mm by 500mm mirror has a large reflective surface perfect for your daily routine.
Styles for any room
Whatever your personal style there’s a backlit bathroom mirror for you. The curved inner line edgesof the continuous backlighting strip style mirror has a wonderful retro feel to it. With
larger strips on the sides, it is a great functional mirror. It is a stylish alternative to the more basic designs, butdoesn’t skimp on the features.
Backlit bathroom mirrors are a great way to combine function and style. They are energy efficient,using LED technology to provide a high quality of light at a fraction of the cost. With
many including integrated shaver sockets, they are built for the bathroom. There are also many with great featuressuch as motion sensors and demisting pads.

Give A Special Something from Liberty Bathrooms

December 11, 2012 in Bathroom Mirrors, Heated Towel Rails, Uncategorized

At Liberty Bathrooms we go crazy for Christmas; the gentle sounds of jingle bells in the distance, the soft white snow that glides to the ground during the chilly winter season and the hot steaming mugs of cocoa that help keep toasty during the cold winter nights are all things that make the Christmas season just that little extra special.
If there’s one more thing we love during winter, it’s enjoying the luxuries of a warm and toasty bathroom while the icy wind plays havoc outside. A bathroom that is fitted with a spacious tub and a luxurious shower enclosure provides all the warmth and comfort you yearn for when braving the winter winds on your way home. And what better way to complete the winter bathroom than by giving some fantastic bathroom gifts for Christmas!
We’ve put together a short rundown of a few Liberty Bathrooms accessories that are sure to add those perfect finishing touches to your bathroom, and prove to be great gifts too!


Bathroom Televisions
What better way is there to enjoy a steaming bath or an indulgent shower than with your favourite soap opera or football team on television, in plain sight (and on a high-quality LCD display no less!). Our fantastic range of LCD bathroom televisions are perfect for those long, indulgent soaks, and with the safe, splash proof technology that make up these televisions, you can rest assured you and your family are completely safe and free to enjoy the wonders of these televisions.

Bathroom Cabinets

Mirrored bathroom cabinets are an ideal gift when buying for a loved one who holds primping, pampering or grooming in high regards. Not only is our selection of stylish vanity cabinets affordably priced, but they are also incredibly practical when it comes to quick, easy-access storage in the bathroom.

Designer Heated Towel Rails

If your other half is particularly fashion conscious, our range of designer heated towel rails is sure to warm their heart! The cutting edge contemporary designs and great functionality make this range a fantastic way of adding a warming touch to your bathroom, but gifting your loved one with a stylish and decorative home furnishing that says much more about your eye for style than any background ornament ever could!

At Liberty Bathrooms, we stock a vast range of products that suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes; take a peek at our fantastic bathroom features for extremely affordable prices, the perfect gift is waiting just a click or two away!

Bathroom Design Disasters To Avoid With Proper Preparation

February 3, 2012 in Bathroom Tips, Guides, Toilets

Murphy’s Law, while annoying and pessimistic, is usually true: “anything that can go wrong, will.” Bathroom design is no exception to the law. Luckily, knowing what to do and how, as well as taking the necessary precautionary steps, can still do quite a bit to prevent disaster. Here are seven mistakes most people make in bathroom design and (hopefully) how you can avoid them.

The biggest and most common mistake is improper installation of hardware and fixtures. Everything from the shower to the overhead light needs to be installed correctly, you could have some costly and possibly dangerous mistakes.

Miscalculating your budget is another very common mistake made in bathroom design. Sometimes this comes from not realizing the actual cost of the supplies, but more often than not it happens because of unforeseen events or mishaps. To prevent this, set your budget to what you believe it “should” be, and then add an extra 15 – 20% as a cushion against unforeseen expenses. Although you may have chosen one of our many cheap bathroom suites, you still have to pay to have it installed and deal with all those incidental costs that you didn’t originally bargain for. As you are designing or redesigning, you may come across mold, faulty electrical wiring, or old plumbing can crop up and cause you to spend more than you had planned – leaving you to cut back on those little luxuries you had wanted!

Insufficient ventilation – It can be very easy to get caught up in the artsy side of designing a bathroom and forget some of the basics of building a functional one. A bathroom needs to have adequate ventilation and lighting or can quickly become impractical or dangerous. Improper lighting can lead to falls once the shower steam builds up and it is hard to see, and improper ventilation means your bathroom is just begging for mold. Not to mention the need now and then for some fresh air to get in!

Improper space allocation – There is always a mix of science and art when it comes to using a space wisely, and bathroom design is no different. Small spaces can be made to feel artistic and comfortable with the right design, or cramped and claustrophobic with the wrong design. Planning covers everything from where to put things to what dimensions each element needs to have to what (and how much) to accessorize with. You need to take your time to get these elements right because it can be very costly to try and fix them later.

Not enough storage – Storage can sometimes be the furthest thing from your mind when designing a bathroom you’ll love, but living in it from day to day will quickly become frustrating without enough storage. You need areas like drawers, vanities, hooks and cabinets to hide away items when you are not using them and keep the bathroom looking open, inviting and clutter-free. These things are especially true if more than one person will be using the space.

Not thinking ahead – Following stylish fads or trends may be fun in the moment, but it can lead to failure and financial tragedy if you follow them blindly. Many styles today simply look great, but have little or no function to them – rendering your bathroom more frustrating than anything else. Unlike painting the walls or changing the sheets when you decide the current style isn’t working, changing a bathroom’s design is very labor intensive and costly. The more practical route is to choose designs and styles that are classic or timeless, and to choose elements in the bathroom that are not just cutting edge – but actually improve the use of the room.

Hurting the planet – These days, most items that use resources are designed to conserve those resources. Still, make sure you are getting water saving faucets and dual flush toilets at the very least. Not only is “going green” the hot new trend, many of these energy and water saving elements are predicted to become necessity in the future as the resources become more expensive to use. Other options to look for are energy saving light bulbs and flooring or carpet made of recycled or renewable materials.

Feng Shui For The Bathroom

January 30, 2012 in Bathroom Tips, Guides

The bathroom is very important in Feng Shui, and using its ideas and principles to design your bathroom can improve and enhance your life significantly. Many people who are interested in this ancient Chinese method seem to find the bathroom particularly difficult; how to decorate and furnish it, and its location in the home.

Of course, your bathroom is where you clean yourself, both on the outside and the inside, giving it a special importance in Feng-Shui. It is true to say that in your bathroom you experience a unique and perhaps special relationship with your body, making Feng Shui important and allowing you to feel relaxed and nourished.

In ancint China – just as now sometimes – many people found it difficult to really keep their bathroom clean, with the result that the bathroom was typically located outside the home. Today, it should be much easier to keep the all important bathroom clean, thanks to modern fixtures and more efficient plumbing techniques. Good Feng-Shui calls for a sense of relaxation and luxury in the bathroom, and today it is easier than ever before to make the room feel like an exclusive spa or retreat.

Good Feng Shui in the bathroom can be created by using the following three methods:

1. The bathroom is one place where your Chi energy should not be stuck, and it is important to keep this room neat, tidy and free of clutter. If you are like most people, your medicine cabinet and closet are full of all sorts of out of date products and stuff you no longer use, so your first step should be to clean them out and discard what you do not need. Make sure you use clean washcloths and towels, and have a supply of good quality linens for any visiting guests, and of course, your bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned regularly, at least once a week. Keep your bathroom uncluttered to improve the energy flow and promote harmony and well-being.

2. The water element in Feng Shui represents reflection, truth and spirituality and is the one most associated with the bathroom. However, it should also be balanced with the other four elements to create the best environment. The most powerful vertical drains in your home are in your bathroom, and the downward flow can be balanced with wood, the element representing growth and movement. Wooden accessories can be used, as well as perhaps a silk or live plant, or some green items. If you have artwork in your bathroom, choose that with a vertical theme, such as tress or tall buildings. Elements such as wet room shower screens also help, as they tend to be vertically orientated and run from ceiling to floor.

3. The next step is to focus on the area in which your bathroom is located, known as the Baqua area.

Ideally your bathroom should be situated in the part of your home known as the relationship area, and if this is the case, you may find that the quality of your relationships improves noticeably. On the other hand, you may want to decorate your bathroom with luxurious and stylish art evoking feelings of abundance and plenty, if your bathroom is situated in the wealth area. However, wealth can be easily flushed away, so do not forget to keep the lid of your toilet seat down when not in use.

Maximising Space In A Small Bathroom

December 29, 2011 in Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Mirrors

Having a small bathroom may cause you a lot of discomfort especially when you have to use the room. What should be a pleasurable period of relaxation can be spoiled by having to use a cramped or confined area. If you have no space to extend your bathroom, you can still make it appear larger. This is through playing around with your bathroom interior and design. On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom, it does not have to look plain as you can make it more interesting. You can make a few adjustments to create just enough space instead of too much. Here are a few ways how to go about it.

A mirror in your bathroom often serves as the centre of attraction. This is because the mirror reflects the contents of the bathroom thereby creating an impression of a larger space. A plant or flower could also enhance the look in your bathroom as long as it is put in a position where it does not interfere with your activities in the bathroom.

The other thing that could help in the enhancement of your little room is the lighting. Ensure that there is sufficient light in your bathroom whether at night or during the day. This will remove the impression that you are in a matchbox whenever you go in there.

You can enhance the height of your bathroom by the use of white ceilings in addition to good lighting. Having bright tiles on your walls also go a long way in making your bathroom appear more spacious.

For larger bathrooms, on the other hand, you can make use of extra space by putting up in built cabinets and shelves. This will not only act as storage but it will unify the space by having a consistent design and by introducing lines that continue across the room. Similarly, you can have a shower and bath in your bathroom in order to create versatility without compromise.

The Importance Of A Stylish Basin

December 27, 2011 in Basins

Usually when we fantasize of having those bathrooms we see in the magazines, the first few things that come in our minds are modern bathtubs, showers, furnishings, tiles etc. but the most important thing we always forget is a good looking basin.

Why Basins?
These days because of the increasing demand of bathroom furniture, as well as the undeniable quality on offer, it is very difficult to achieve a good look for a bathroom within a fixed budget. But a basin can be the cheapest thing one can buy for a house’s bathroom and make it look elegant. An expensive basin is a lot better than the cheapest bathtubs; this tells why one should only go for stylish basins.

When selecting a basin, aim to increase the storage while you make sure that the basin you’re purchasing remains uncluttered and occupies as little space as possible. There are many such types of basins, including vanity units that come with drawers and cabinets, they are the ideal basins for this purpose and can add both function and gorgeous design easily and inexpensively.

Buying two basins are practically best for those who have kids, they are one of the most desired bathroom additions, however many people are creative enough to foresee their importance and charm. They are not only fashionable but also useful to divide children’s items from that of adults. They may be more expensive than a single basin but spending the a little more can make the bathroom far more usable and simplify family life.

The finishing touch to adding a basin is often their mirrors. The larger the mirror is the better it looks, which can change the overall look of a bathroom. But the mirror size should be chosen according to the bathroom’s dimensions. It is important to keep the mirror proportional to the overall room, if the room is small a very large mirror will not look as good but if the space is available, large mirrors will add light, a sense of space and set off your new basin perfectly.