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Consider A Vanity Unit

February 21, 2012 in Basins, Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Furniture

When it comes to choosing a bathroom suite your main components are (of course) the bath, basin and toilet. You may add in a shower, either as a replacement for the bath or an addition to it, but this is generally the configuration that is available to you. Of these components the most time is spent on deciding on the bath and shower and the toilet and basin are usually chosen to be sympathetic to the larger pieces in the suite. This isn’t necessarily a bad of choosing the suite but it does sometimes overlook the options available to you.

When it comes to choosing a bathroom suite, whatever you decide to do in terms of bath and/or shower consider getting a vanity unit in place of the basin, especially if you are going to buy a modern suite or use fitted bathroom furniture.

A vanity unit is basically a basin sat atop a cabinet. It takes up a very similar footprint to a pedestal basin as it is the width of the basin all the way down to the floor. They tend to look more angular than a pedestal, which may be in keeping with the look that you are going for if you want a more minimalist or modern bathroom. The big advantage that they have, however, is that they allow you to add a great deal of storage to the bathroom as a whole, and the basin area in particular, without necessarily impacting on the floor space available to you or making the room feel more crowded.

Because the vanity unit takes the place of the basin it is an ideal place to store extra towels that you can swap out when drying your hands, and extra toiletries and bits and pieces that you find yourself needing around the sink like tooth paste, toothbrushes, soap and mouth wash. It means that you don’t have to run around or go searching should you need a clean towel or to replace toothpaste and it keeps things out of sight and stops them cluttering up your bathroom and ruining your eye-line.

If you are adding fitted furniture to the bathroom anyway then the vanity unit is a particularly good choice as it can match with the rest of the furniture and even slot in-between standard cabinets so that the only visible difference is the basin on top. If space allows you could even consider using multiple vanity units as a great way of increasing storage space as well as allowing more than one person to brush their teeth or wash their hands at once. This is particularly desirable in busy households.

Choose Your Dream Bathroom Suite with Care

May 24, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Choose Your Dream Bathroom Suite with Care

Today, it is not only the finest hotels in the world that can have the most modern and luxurious bathrooms. Homeowners also can feel truly indulged by relaxing in their very own dream bathrooms as there are many very nice bathroom suites to choose from.

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