Odd Requests We Get

January 10, 2012 in Baths, Shower Enclosures, Showers

The other day one our customer service people bemusedly called over one of the technical staff while on a call, “Can you talk to this lady¬†for a minute? She wants some information on a shower cubicle.” Now this, in and of itself, is not an unusual request: our technical staff are always advising customers on the details of shower cubicles, positions of taps on baths, types of wastes and so on and so forth. What was unusual was seeing our technical advisor crack an amused smile and ask “So you want to know which shower cubicle is best at muffling sound?”

Apparently the lady calling had fitted an en-suite in her bedroom and had discovered that she couldn’t stand her husband’s singing in the shower. When the bathroom had been down the hall it hadn’t been a problem, but now it was joined to the same room it had become an issue. She’d bought a very attractive wet room shower screen from us a few months previously and, although it was great at keeping everything dry and looked beautiful, she needed something to block the sound of her tone deaf husband. Our technical advisor did a little research and advised her to get one of our quadrant shower enclosures with curved screens, but it did lead to a conversation of odd requests we have had:

We had one guy call up and ask about buying a quantity of toilet seats. He wasn’t interested in the toilet at all but wanted to find out how much replacement toilet seats were because he “kept breaking them while drunk” but didn’t remember how. We tested one of the toilet seats and found it strong enough to support a 90kg man so we have no idea at all how he was managing it.

Would it be possible to drill a hole in a bath and put a camera lens in there? This one creeped us out a little bit and we declined to answer.

Could someone cut our shower screens in order to make them have an ornate design on the edge? This came from an interior designer customer we have. For the record, we think it would require very specialist equipment and tools. Shower screens are toughened safety glass and act like car windscreens when cut or damaged: you have to apply a LOT of force to do it but they shatter in a way that doesn’t cause dangerous shards of glass but looks pretty impressive.

Do we sell wall mount baths? Our resident physics genius assures us it is theoretically possible, but the brackets would have to be huge to support a bath, water and person in it and the wall would need strengthening to a massive degree.

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