Creating the Perfect Traditional Bathroom Suite

February 14, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Replicating the designs of the Victorian era and incorporating them into your bathroom interior is a beautiful way to keep your bathroom looking authentic and traditional. The Victorian era was a popular period devoted to ornate furniture and floral patterns. With this is mind, recreating the flamboyant styles from this era is relatively easy.

Windsor 1760mm Double Ended Bathroom Suite

The focal point of the Victorian bathroom suite is the large lavish freestanding bath. This dramatic design comes with curved feet (or claw feet) and remains popular among current manufacturers. Some current Victorian bathtubs come with contemporary conveniences such as mixer taps and a shower head. Combining a touch of modernity with classic history helps to create both a feeling of nostalgia and luxury. Ornate Victorian basins and toilets are also available to buy and can often be bought with the bathtub as part of a Victorian-style bathroom suite package. The basins and toilets feature a more traditional square design – a conventional style of the Victorian era opposed to the rounded shapes that are found in the designs of present day bathroom furniture. For an extra touch of authenticity you may even wish to purchase a toilet with a retro-style pull chain flush.

Oversized bathroom furniture may create a dramatic statement but floral furnishings and archaic accessories will complete your Victorian masterpiece. Your taps, soap dishes, toothbrush mug and toilet brush can be manufactured with a china exterior to create an appearance much like the aged finishes of the Victorian era. Floral wallpaper in romantic rosy reds and luscious pinks go great when paired up with rich dark mosaic tiles. An opulent chandelier fitting will give your bathroom the full Victorian effect, illuminating your room and giving it a feeling of wealth and elegance. Steer clear of blinds on your window if you wish to avoid anything that screams 21st century, instead opt for sweeping curtains with tasselled tie backs. Hanging a grand decorative mirror on your signature wall will also add a touch of affluence and imitate the Victorian period down to a tee.

Some manufacturers make products on a smaller scale to fit smaller sized bathrooms where space is scarce. To free up vital floor space opt for a wall mounted basin or a corner sink. Furthermore, showers were not the norm in the Victorian period so you needn’t worry about compromising floor space with this unwanted feature. Free up a wall to incorporate a vintage radiator into your renovation for a charming yet practical addition to your bathroom. Larger bathrooms on the other hand have a larger scale of choice when it comes to choosing a bathroom suite. The generous amount of space found in bigger bathrooms is the perfect trait to occupy large oversized bulky furniture. The bigger your furniture is, the more dramatic your room will be; and drama is a key feature in all traditional Victorian homes.

Creating the perfect traditional bathroom suite can be achieved easily with little creativity and time. Changing a few bathroom accessories can alleviate the Victorian feel without breaking your budget. Whatever the size or age of your property, imitating the Victorian look is easy. It seems to be a favoured style among bathroom manufacturers; a style that never seems to go out of fashion. Enjoy the luxury and decadence of the Victorian period by creating your own timeless traditional bathroom. Go for it.

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