Cosmetic Touches To Update A Tired Bathroom

December 1, 2011 in Basins, Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Taps, Toilet Seats, Toilets

When it comes time for you to dress up your bathroom, much can be achieved with new wallpaper, paint, or a new shower screen. To achieve a real makeover though, maybe some new bathroom furniture would be a better investment; after all we would expect a bathroom makeover to last several years. Styles come and go, so a bathroom can look very dated quite quickly. Just changing the wall coverings will make a huge difference to a small room.

Flooring will make a great visual change. Taking out old tile that has been there since the house was built is a good start. When putting in new floor coverings, think about installing a heated floor under the new surface. Check with the manufacturer of your chosen floor to make sure you can use with floor heating first. Toasty toes in the winter will be worth all the work.

If you have a toilet that is dated by the color, maybe change that out for a white one. If you can get away with it, just changing out the seat will smarten that old style toilet up. A new bathroom vanity with modern door handles, matching accessories like lights, shelves and light switch plates will make your bathroom look like it has had a total makeover. All of this takes time and planning, make sure if this is your only bathroom it is done quickly or in stages so you have use of the water and the toilet.

If you can change your taps out yourself, without having to hire a plumber, you will save yourself some money. It is not a hard job and made very much easier with the use of flexible connectors so you do not have to solder any pipes. The more of the work you can do yourself, obviously, the better.

If you can only afford to add a few things to your bathroom, then consider lighting first. Just changing a few light fixtures will make your bathroom seem like it has had a revamp. Light makes a room seem inviting so pick some warm looking fixtures; even a heat bulb with its glow will make a room look more inviting. Bathroom furniture will make a big change to your room so choose wisely and bring your room up to date with just a few improvements.

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