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Bespoke shower enclosures

March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

The perfect shower enclosure for your room 

Sometimes a standard shower enclosure just won’t fit in a bathroom. Whether it’s a sloping ceiling, angled wall, or just a special design, getting a bespoke shower enclosure could be the solution.

Bespoke shower enclosures come in a few varieties. Many installers will design the enclosure based on the needs of the homeowner and the limitations of the bathroom. The actual enclosure can be made up of custom made pieces or it can be a combination of standard enclosure parts.

Designing your bespoke enclosure

The design of bespoke shower enclosures will start with determining what is required. Whether you want a full wet room, a walk-in enclosure, or a more traditional style of enclosure will influence what will be needed for the bespoke enclosure.]

If you want a traditional style, such as types with a sliding door or hinged door, the bespoke shower enclosure will be able to fit the space. For a full height shower enclosure, this may mean dealing with any problems related to sloped ceilings. Whether you want a framed or frameless style, a bespoke shower enclosure can be made to fit the space in any style.

Making the best of the location

A bespoke shower enclosure can also help make the most out of awkward angles and corners. While a readymade shower enclosure can’t make adjustments for unusual room features, a bespoke shower enclosure will be designed around such things. A custom designed shower enclosure can utilise these features, and make them part of the overall design.

Bespoke shower enclosures also allow for you to have all the features you want. Instead of fitting what you want into a set space, a bespoke enclosure allows you to fit the enclosure around the features. This is perfect if you want to add elements like body jets, as the enclosure can be built to give you the best possible shower experience.

Customising a shower enclosure

Even with a standard enclosure, there are options to make a great fit in your bathroom. With a variety of shapes and sizes, and the ability to add extra side panels, many standard shower ranges can be customised for the needs of individual bathrooms.

There’s a shower enclosure for every bathroom, and bespoke shower enclosures make it so that you get a perfect fit. By combining a bespoke enclosure with your ideal fixtures, your dream shower can easily become a reality.

Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

There’s no need to let your bathroom look dated. With many styles of contemporary bathroom furniture, your bathroom can look modern and attractive. Whether you’re looking to update all of your bathroom furniture or just want to add a single statement piece, there are plenty of ways to update a room.

Modern styles for your bathroom

Today’s bathroom furniture has stepped away from the boring, offering pieces in bold colours and dramatic angular shapes. But contemporary doesn’t have to mean shocking. Even staying with traditional whites and wood tones, there are great pieces for any room.

Contemporary vanity units

The item with the most contemporary options has to be the vanity unit. Vanities have become a trendy way to combine storage and style. Many manufacturers offer ranges of contemporary bathroom furniture that can be used alone or combined with other ranges.

A sleek vanity unit, such as the Tavistock Kobe Floorstanding Unit, can instantly update the look of a bathroom. Alternatively, more classic styles of vanity are available for those who like to combine style with staying power.

Colours and angles

Two key trends for contemporary bathroom furniture are colour and angles. The Ultra Design Red series combines both of these for a stunning statement bathroom. For a less dramatic bathroom, the Red units can be combined with the Ultra Design White or Black furniture.

Contemporary styles also look great in wood finishes. The Tavistock Kobe range offers a modern look with sleek lines. The optional wood finished units nicely balance out the gloss white of the basins and worktops.

Of course, contemporary bathroom furniture can also go against both of these trends with great results. The Ultra Oblique unit features a white gloss finish and curved lines. The result is entirely modern and a stand-out design.

Designer baths

Even modern styles of bath can add a sleek and stylish contemporary twist to your bathroom. A freestanding bath can be a central part of a contemporary bathroom, the Ixos 1750 bath utilises angular lines, making it fit in perfectly with other contemporary bath furniture.

Other bath styles give modern updates to traditional styles. The Kensington 1680 Modern Slipper Bath is a modernist take on a classic design. The soft lines of this and other contemporary baths allow for a clean look without being too trendy.

With so many great design options, there’s no reason to be stuck with an outdated bathroom. Using top quality materials, these pieces of contemporary bathroom furniture are built to last. Whether you’re looking for sharp, sleek, angular styles or modern takes on old classics, there are plenty of options for any bathroom.


Bathroom Accessories Sets

February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

After all the furniture and fixtures are installed, the last part of any bathroom design is the accessories. Bathroom accessories sets are an easy way to pull together a style. Whether you have a modern style bathroom or a traditional style bathroom, the accessories you choose will be the finishing touch that will really make your bathroom reflect your personality.

Why buy a set? 

A bathroom accessory set can be the simplest way to ensure the details of your bathroom all work together. Matching sets can take a lot of the trouble out of finding all the individual pieces. In addition to saving time, they can also save you money. Often times it is cheaper to buy a matched set than to buy the pieces one at a time.

Benefits of bathroom accessories sets

Bathroom accessories sets are also a great way to make a minor change to your bathroom. Changing items like a towel rack, toilet roll holder, and robe hook might seem like it won’t make a big difference, but you might be surprised. With accessories in different shapes, styles, and colours, you can make a big change to a bathroom.

Bathroom accessories make your bathroom easier to use, adding practical functions and a tidier appearance. A set allows you to take care of all the elements in one style.

What comes in a bathroom accessory set?

Bathroom accessory sets vary, but most include some basic elements. These are a towel rail, toilet roll holder, and soap dish. Many also include a robe hook, a towel ring, a toothbrush holder, or tumbler. Other sets may also offer a coordinating bin, toilet brush holder, or liquid soap dispenser.

If you are looking to have all the parts of your bathroom match, you might want to look for a larger accessory set, or one that has coordinating parts available in addition to the set. Some sets are also made for cloakrooms, while others are made for larger bathroom suites. This will determine what elements are included in a given bathroom accessory set.

Is there a bathroom accessory set for every bathroom?

There are many styles of bathroom accessory sets, meaning that there’s a choice for pretty much every bathroom. Whether you have a modern look or a traditional look, there is a set for you. Sets are also a great way to make a style carry from bathroom to bathroom. Using the same accessories can give a home’s bathrooms a sense of unity, even if they have different furniture styles.

Ideas for decorating a bathroom or kitchen

February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thinking of redecorating? Well, let’s face it – interior decorating can be overwhelming. The options are literally endless. Then again, that’s what also makes it so much fun…right?


Well, we’re here to help you finish your project in record time, on a shoestring budget. You can kill two birds with one stone by tackling some key fundamentals of two rooms at once – some tips for creating stylish modern kitchens and bathrooms.

They are both rooms that need to show off your personal style, but one that is practical and versatile too.


…is one part of decorating and designing modern kitchens or bathrooms that can eat right into your budget. You can save quite a bit of money by installing ceramic tiles or vinyl.


…is absolutely key in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Lights such as wall sconces are not too difficult for a layman to install and you’ll have a bright and inviting bathroom as a result.


…is a quick and easy way to alter your modern kitchen and bathroom on a budget. Try painting the window trims with either contrasting colours or bright white.


…quirky storage items from other rooms. Antique chests, for example, are perfect for putting in guest towels and toiletries. Other items to use might include wooden crates, or boxes covered in fabric to add personality.

Rustic ladders…

…leaning against walls, used step ladders can hold towels or be used as shelves.

Mosaic or painted ceramic tiles…

…is an inexpensive way to create a colorful backsplash behind sinks in modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Glass containers with lids…

…can hold useful or decorative items, such as cotton balls and cotton swabs or glass beads to add more colour.

Artwork in frames…

…adds that extra personal touch to your bathroom.

Finish up…

…with some plants and candles.

Remember there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating and you have our express permission to think outside the box.

Happy decorating!

Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

December 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Remodelling a bathroom can be a big job, so it’s important to have a firm idea of what you want to achieve. Not all bathroom remodelling ideas are the same, though.

Updating to save money 
One bathroom remodelling idea is to upgrade the room’s fixtures and furniture. Many older toilets use more water than newer units. By upgrading to a newer unit, you can use less water, saving you money over the long term.
Another water saving option is to replace a bath with a shower, or to add a shower over an existing bath. An electric shower can also save you money by reducing the energy needed for heating the water. Instead of relying on your boiler system, these units only heat up the water needed for the shower. With instant hot water, you don’t waste water waiting for the shower to heat up.
Upgrading to add luxury
Another of the top bathroom remodelling ideas is to improve the quality of your existing units. By replacing bathroom furniture and fixtures, you can upgrade all or part of the bathroom. Instead of replacing like for like, consider going more upmarket with the new units.
Remodelling is a great way to put in units that fit your own personality. When you purchase a house,it’s often full of what somebody else likes. By remodelling, you get to turn the bathroom into your own idea of perfection. This can mean swapping out a standard bath with a whirlpool style, or losing a dated pedestal sink and getting a modern counter top basin and washstand.
Improving to add function
Often times the bathroom remodelling ideas are based in adding functionality to the room. In older homes, especially, the remodelling might be a way to add things missing from the bathroom suite.When remodelling, it can be a chance to update the plumbing and electrical wiring in the room. In addition to making the bathroom a safer place, this can allow for the addition of things like illuminated mirrors, shaver sockets, or bathroom televisions.
Adding function can also mean adding a shower enclosure, or even turning a bathroom into a wet room. Whether added to a bathroom in place of a bath or in addition to a bath, showers can modernise a home.
Many of the best bathroom remodelling ideas improve the bathroom experience, whether through money saving changes, updated units, or added functionality. What you change or add to a bathroom during a remodel is down to personal preference, but it’s an ideal way to make an existing room fit your lifestyle.

Kicking Back Over Christmas

December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Finally the Christmas season is upon us once again, and at Liberty Bathrooms we know the importance of getting that extra time to relax over the coming couple of days and unwinding in the company of friends and family.

The sight of the family young ones rushing to their pile of gifts or mum’s face when dad gets her that special something is enough to complete any Christmas morning; but what next? How can you make the most of your time away from work during the Christmas season? Well if your bathroom features some of the following products, you’ll be able to spend some time soaking and refreshing yourself, preparing you for the New Year one fantastic bathroom session at a time!

Take a Dip with a Difference

A generous and spacious bathtub is perfect for soaking in during the chilly winter nights, and nothing completes the experience better than a hot mug of cocoa and a good book as the snow falls outside. A lengthy bath can provide that precious half an hour of peace and quiet during a busy Christmas, and refreshes the mind and body, preparing you to head back out and join in plenty more reindeer games!

Wrap Up Warm with Heated Towels

Stepping out of your bath or shower only to be greeted by a cold or damp towel is a sure fire way to undo all the good you did during your relaxing soak. With a stylish, heated towel rail, you can be sure you will have a crisp, warm towel to wrap yourself in after a bath; adding the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas bathing experience!

Not only will the towel rails heat the towels, but they will also help to warm the room, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level and removing that chilly bite bathrooms tend to get during the colder months.


Christmas is a fantastic time to buy scented candles; tons of seasonal scent are released around Christmas time, and are extremely relaxing and comforting when taking a long bath. Cut the lights and treat yourself to a couple of seasonal scented candles, such as spiced apple, vanilla & caramel or even cinnamon!


Adding a few finishing touches to your bathroom during the Christmas season is a great way to add that festive feeling. Swap out your regular bathroom mats for a soft red set; add a few red washcloths and towels; the contrast of the red accessories on the generally white bathroom will be more than enough to add that Christmas cheer!

Bathrooms are fantastic for feeling relaxed and comfortable over the Christmas season, and offer the perfect escape from the rain and cold winds that tour the UK during December. Adding some of these wonderful features to your bathroom can help your add the perfect finishing touches to your winter escape!

Bathroom Decorating

December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Bathrooms are easily neglected as a functional room, but they can be transformed by a bit of decorating effort.

One of the easiest ways to make a dramatic change in a bathroom’s decoration is to change the colour scheme. For painted walls, the decorating only requires a new colour of paint. Consider going dramatically different, from pastels or earth tones to bright, vibrant hues.
Adding or changing a bathroom’s tiles can also be a great way to change colour. For white bathrooms, a textured tile can add interest and remove the clinical feel while staying within the single colour.
Changing furniture is a bigger job than other forms of bathroom decorating, but can give you the biggest change. Replacing old toilets, basins, baths, or showers can give you the bathroom of your dreams. Even changing just one unit can make a huge difference to your bathroom’s look and feel.
New furniture often makes the room seem cleaner and brighter in an instant. It can also be a great way of starting a larger bathroom decorating project. For instance, adding a statement bath can give a bathroom a focal point around which all other decisions can be made.
Another easy way to update a bathroom’s look is by adding or changing accessories. This type of bathroom decorating can also be done over a longer period of time. Changing items like soap dishes,toilet roll holders, or toilet brushes might seem like they’ll produce a minor difference, but this isn’t always the case. Often, just changing little things will give a bathroom a new focal point or new style statement.
This is also true of linens. Often ignored in bathroom design, a new set of towels can instantlyupdate a bathroom. For an even more impressive change, add in a new towel rail. A handy upgrade,a heated towel rail can give you lovely warm towels after every bath or shower.
Storage is a great bathroom decorating trick. Adding storage, whether shelves, cupboards, or avanity unit, can change the entire dynamic of a bathroom. Getting rid of clutter, storage can help make a room seem bigger, cleaner, and easier to use. Storage can also be a way to integrate colour,with bathroom cupboard units available in a wide range of colours, wood effects, and finishes.
Whether the changes are big or small, bathroom decorating can make the room reflect your style.

Give A Special Something from Liberty Bathrooms

December 11, 2012 in Bathroom Mirrors, Heated Towel Rails, Uncategorized

At Liberty Bathrooms we go crazy for Christmas; the gentle sounds of jingle bells in the distance, the soft white snow that glides to the ground during the chilly winter season and the hot steaming mugs of cocoa that help keep toasty during the cold winter nights are all things that make the Christmas season just that little extra special.
If there’s one more thing we love during winter, it’s enjoying the luxuries of a warm and toasty bathroom while the icy wind plays havoc outside. A bathroom that is fitted with a spacious tub and a luxurious shower enclosure provides all the warmth and comfort you yearn for when braving the winter winds on your way home. And what better way to complete the winter bathroom than by giving some fantastic bathroom gifts for Christmas!
We’ve put together a short rundown of a few Liberty Bathrooms accessories that are sure to add those perfect finishing touches to your bathroom, and prove to be great gifts too!


Bathroom Televisions
What better way is there to enjoy a steaming bath or an indulgent shower than with your favourite soap opera or football team on television, in plain sight (and on a high-quality LCD display no less!). Our fantastic range of LCD bathroom televisions are perfect for those long, indulgent soaks, and with the safe, splash proof technology that make up these televisions, you can rest assured you and your family are completely safe and free to enjoy the wonders of these televisions.

Bathroom Cabinets

Mirrored bathroom cabinets are an ideal gift when buying for a loved one who holds primping, pampering or grooming in high regards. Not only is our selection of stylish vanity cabinets affordably priced, but they are also incredibly practical when it comes to quick, easy-access storage in the bathroom.

Designer Heated Towel Rails

If your other half is particularly fashion conscious, our range of designer heated towel rails is sure to warm their heart! The cutting edge contemporary designs and great functionality make this range a fantastic way of adding a warming touch to your bathroom, but gifting your loved one with a stylish and decorative home furnishing that says much more about your eye for style than any background ornament ever could!

At Liberty Bathrooms, we stock a vast range of products that suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes; take a peek at our fantastic bathroom features for extremely affordable prices, the perfect gift is waiting just a click or two away!

Bathroom TVs

July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Futuristic, stylish and unashamedly luxurious, imagine laying back into your bath and immersing yourself in your favourite movie or show – every second of it brought to you on a glorious high quality, high definition LCD screen, custom designed to fit your own little sanctuary of peace and quiet. It’s not as far fetched as it sounds. In fact, you could have your very own Tilevision television designed and fit into your bathroom today.

Throw off any restrictions of the dos and don’ts in bathroom etiquette and let your imagination run away with you. You could enjoy a long, hot soak in the deepest bath you’ve ever filled to the tunes of your favourite musical, or even absorb the daily headlines as you prepare yourself for the day ahead. There are real practical applications for it, too, not least the fact it’ll make bath-time with your little ones fun, rather than a chore. Play them their favourite cartoons and before long you’ll have them asking for even more bath nights!

Meticulous design and cutting edge manufacture means these televisions are completely waterproof. With such a high standard of materials they’re certain to be a sound investment too, so they’ll be with you a long time.

For those who like to unwind in the shower too, it’s not a problem. They’re specifically designed to safely withstand exposure to steam, high moisture and humidity. Definitely no place for your run-of-the-mill lounge television, these TVs are uniquely developed for this purpose. No other television comes close.
Market leading and highly advanced bathroom televisions are on offer at Liberty Bathrooms, letting you go far above and beyond your expectations of a conventional bathroom. This daily dose of true luxury is not only a fantastic investment for your home, but with the high level of detail in design, they add a tangible sense of elegance to your space. With such stunning quality on display, the only problem might be you spend a little more time in the bathroom rather than the on the couch!

These televisions are perfect for the kitchen, too. They are completely safe from exposure to water or cooking spills, and you’ll be able to follow your favourite TV chef as you both create your culinary masterpieces together. Given the incredibly competitive prices of bathroom TVs here at Liberty Bathrooms it’s hard to ignore the myriad uses and striking visuals you’ll get from this kind of first-rate technology.

Not just designed for the home, they offer a fantastic solution for commercial spaces, too, and are sometimes found in top-end cinemas as a platform to promote new events, in public restrooms to publicise upcoming offers or even to add a touch of originality and decadence to a world class hotel suite.
A bathroom television is a unique way to stand out from the crowd and create a memorable and lasting impact, while remaining relatively inexpensive.
If you would like to find out more about the bathroom televisions we stock at Liberty Bathrooms, or enquire as to which model would be best suited to your needs, our sales team would love to hear from you.
We can be contacted by phone during business hours from Monday to Friday on 0844 324 9088, or by email at

Choosing The Floor For Your Bathroom

April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Deciding on what flooring to use for the bathroom can be a difficult task. There are many types of flooring that must be considered when planning bathroom flooring. Carpet, marble, wood, laminate and tiles all have their advantages and disadvantages at being the best choice for bathroom flooring.

Carpet flooring in nice in the winters, but in the bathroom this is not an ideal choice. Carpet can lead to bacterial infections and can lead to the growth of mold when wet. Maintenance and cleaning of carpets is a difficult and time consuming task.

Marble flooring can provide your floor with an excellent look, and is easy to clean and prohibit growth of bacteria. Although this is an ideal choice for bathroom flooring, most people cannot afford this luxury as marble can be very pricey. This floor is also very slippery when wet and can cause frequent falls without a rubber rug laid down.

Wooden floors can be a cheap alternative to both marble and carpet. It comes in a variety of different colors. As far as maintenance and cleaning, wooden floors require an oil finish at regular intervals. This flooring is not ideal for the bathroom as it can warp and expand when exposed to too much water.

Laminate flooring is the least expensive option for the bathroom. Laminate flooring consists of a photograph of wooden or ceramic surfaces in a sheet covered with a plastic layer. Cleaning and maintenance is quite simple. Since laminate flooring is only a sheet of plastic wrapped paper, it does not last as long as the other flooring choices. It can easily lose its adhesive and start to come up. With this choice, you will find yourself replacing the floor more often.

Tiles are often the best choice for bathroom flooring. Safety should be a top priority when deciding on bathroom flooring. Choosing water resistant and anti-slip Tiles will lead to a tension free life. Non-slip tiles are necessary to prevent frequent falls. Today, many people also prefer stain resistant tiles that are easy to clean. One should focus on selecting tiles that can last for many decades when choosing bathroom flooring.

Be sure to consider all possibilities to make an informed decision before selecting your material for your bathroom floor. Carpet and wood are not an ideal choice for bathroom flooring because of the water it will be exposed to. Marble can be too expensive, while laminate is so cheap it will not last long. Tiles are usually the best choice for bathroom floors. Researching the different types of tiles can help you to make your decision on your final choice of material for your bathroom floor. The right floor will make stepping out of your bathroom safe and warm, and require little maintenance to keep it looking brilliant. The more you add features into your bathroom the more important the right floor is, you don’t want to add in a freestanding bath only to find it look out of place on the floor it rests on.