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The Beauty Of The Freestanding Bath

March 14, 2012 in Baths, Freestanding Baths

By the main university in Manchester sits a statue of Archimedes experiencing his eureka moment; he’s in a freestanding bath and water is pouring out as he looks poised to spring out, naked. In an old chocolate advert a woman luxuriates in a freestanding bath, which is overflowing as she enjoys a chocolate bar and music plays on in the background. In the madness of King George one of the lasting images is of the King bathing and Westerns seem incomplete without protagonists enjoying a scrub in a battered tin bath.

Freestanding baths are strongly iconic and there is a definite imagery associated with them: of luxury and relaxation, of decadence and contemplation. For this reason, many people would love to fit them within their homes but the perceived cost of them puts many off as well as a fear of what is actually involved in fitting one and the attendant plumbing.

In truth, freestanding baths are barely more complicated than a more conventional bath. Many of them can actually have pipework fitted within them and even the taps and wastes can be fitted as part of the bath itself or easily onto the edge of the bath. However, if you are fitting something like a traditional slipper bath or a bath on legs, then you’re probably going to want to consider running external plumbing, as much as an aesthetic choice as a practical consideration.

Even this external plumbing is easy to fit, however; it comes with standard fittings and is a standard diameter and made from chromed metal. If you choose to run standpipes up the side of your bath you will find that you have as great a choice of taps and fittings as you would with any conventional installation and this will allow you to find the perfect taps to create the mood and atmosphere that you are striving for in choosing to fit a freestanding bath in the first place.

With some of the more modern designs of freestanding baths you have the facility to place the wastes within the skin of the bath, and you can also use this to fit an overflow filler. This lets you fill the bath from where the water would normally drain if it was overfilled. Some of them even allow you to fit conventional taps as you would on a fitted bath, although it is a decision for you to make according to your preferences as to whether you think this spoils the line of the bath. Remember that it will be the focal point of your entire bathroom because of the strong statement it makes, and that you must consider this when accessorising and finishing around it.

Freestanding Baths Aren’t Just For Traditional Homes

February 19, 2012 in Baths, Freestanding Baths

For many people the image of freestanding baths is forever entwined with an old fashioned enamelled bath on feet on a wooden floor in a room full of old fashioned furnishings and decoration. Although a great many freestanding baths are traditionally designed, and beautiful with it, it is also possible to find much more modern designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a minimalist or post-modern home.

Traditional freestanding baths incorporate feet to raise the bottom of the bath from the floor and, when choosing one, pick feet that tie to the other fittings in the room. Typically this may include things like towel rails, toilet flushes and door handles. The baths themselves may be of a double ended, roll top or slipper design and you should pick one with lines and curves that marry to the rest of the fittings in the bathroom. Bear in mind that a lot of traditional basins and toilets tend to be more ornate than their modern equivalents, but a bath with that level of ornate detailing will look odd and overly fussy. Usually all taps and wastes are external fittings so the bath will have pipes running alongside it which will impact on where you can place it and the layout of the room overall.

Modern freestanding baths tend not to incorporate feet or are on feet that are more plainly designed. They may sit on the floor directly and will not always have an exposed bottom. They usually have sleeker lines and a more minimalist line. They are available in angular designs or more curvilinear shapes, depending on whether you want to evoke a bubble or block in your overall design. They can have internal wastes and taps so there is nothing to detract from the line of the bath and to simplify plumbing.

When placing freestanding baths please be aware that they usually need space around them, both for things like plumbing and access and generally to make sure that they don’t look odd within the room. For this reason they tend to be used in larger rooms, although there are now some innovative designs that are smaller and clever decoration will enable you to put them in a more confined space.

Freestanding baths have benefited from the advances in technology in manufacturing, whatever their design. Many are now made from an innovative dual layer process whereby two layer of thick acrylic make the internal and external sides of the bath, with an insulation layer between them. The acrylic is further reinforced with fibreglass and the bottom contains a bonded resin encapsulated base that is both very strong and thermally excellent. Typically these baths remain warm to the touch and retain their heat incredibly well.

Whatever design you choose, you can be sure that you will benefit from the latest designs, incredible quality and great prices.

Designing A Bathroom

January 28, 2012 in Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Suites, Baths, Showers, Toilets

Read on to find out how to build the bathroom of your dreams.

When it comes to designing, keep in mind that each person has his own personal opinion on what makes a great design.

You should expect that not all individuals will like what you have done with the space as people have distinct tastes when it comes to design. Nevertheless, the design of your bathroom will become part of your home and as such, it is your opinion which matters the most on how it looks.

One of the things you need to carefully consider is whether you choose to follow the traditional way of designing the space. An alternative route is seeking your own voice and designing the space in accordance to your wants, needs and your personality. You can also choose to have the best of both worlds and customize an existing layout and make your own.

There is another factor you need to consider later on. This involves setting a specific budget for your bathroom design which details all of the possible products and services that you need to make it happen. Browse through design magazines or go to showrooms to get a better idea about the process and how other people have tackled similar problems.

Next, take a piece of graph paper and draw the initial layout of the room with a complete set of measurements. Make sure that your draw the layout to scale and indicate the areas that will be renovated or redesigned. The floorplan will give you a top view of the space including the openings so do not forget to indicate the direction where the windows and doors open to.

Create a scale model of the space you are designing to see what bathroom fixtures fit in your layout. Some of the standard fixtures include the tub and toilet bowl, bidet and cabinets among others. There are lots of different options you could consider at this stage, including freestanding baths, whirlpool baths and shower baths.

Unless the look is meant as a surprise gift, go over the design with your partner. Move the different pieces to see where the fixtures go best.

There are a few things to consider when designing:

Make sure that the lavatory area is private, especially if the space will function as a common bathroom for the entire family.

Consider where the light will be coming from.

Analyze the amount of natural light available.

Determine which areas require more illumination.

Always keep in mind that the bathroom is a functional space and that some fixtures have specific relationships with other fittings.

Determine whether you will do the construction yourself or hire a professional to do the work for you.

There are also professionals who can do the complete layout or give suggestions on what would look good. Keep in mind that their services are not for free. However, their expertise is worth tapping into if you have the extra budget.

Play While You Wee

January 24, 2012 in Baths, Toilets, Uncategorized

We all know that men tend to be competitive, and that they enjoy gadgets and games. Often you go to the pub to find them gathered around a fruit machine or electronic game competing with each other or just enjoying themselves trying to beat the game. In Japan this has been taken a step further, with Sega (the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog) launching a range of electronic games that can only be played in the men’s toilets.

These games are fitted into the men’s toilets in the urinals and allow patrons to compete with each other as they use them. These devices, known as “toylets,” work by fitting sensors onto each urinal and adding a small digital display at the eye level of the patron, above the urinal itself. Sega have apparently sold 130 of these devices in 100 bars and restaurants across Japan. These devices don’t come cheap, with each one costing about 150 000 Yen (about £1200) but the devices are capable of showing advertising as well as displaying scores, which is clearly how the purchasers intend to make their money back.

The initial range includes 5 different titles, some of which are:

“Hold, Manneken, Pis!” is named after the famous Brussels fountain of a small boy caught in mid act. The players compete on the volume that they manage to deposit into the urinal.

“Splashing Battle” pits players against one another, where they compete on the pressure of stream against a leader board of previous users.

“Violent wind warning has been issued” again measures the pressure of the player’s stream, but this time the aim is to cause a virtual wind that blows up a virtual girl’s skirt.

As well as showing the adverts, Sega say that there is a soft benefit to the purchaser as men will step closer to the urinal in order to compete and read the messages displayed on the digital scoreboard, which will mean they are far less likely to miss and keep the toilet cleaner. Something we’re sure many people who have to keep the family bathroom clean can appreciate.

While we applaud the innovation and find this all very interesting, we’re not in a hurry to add it to our growing collection of new products, such as our freestanding baths range.

Modern Slants On Traditional Favourites

January 18, 2012 in Bathroom Furniture, Baths

One of the brilliant things about bathroom design is that, although you think that the basic function of the room doesn’t really change over the years, people are always finding new and different ways to do things. There are many products that we (our customers and even ourselves) tend to think of as old and traditional and when a new variation on them comes out that brings them up to date and challenges our expectations it is genuinely exciting.

A case of this is our range of freestanding baths. I don’t know about you, but my lasting memory of the free standing bath is the old Cadbury’s Flake advert where a lady reclines in a free standing bath that then overflows as she relaxes and enjoys her treat. The bath had a curved lip, was curvy and had curved claw and ball feet. For many years I had this image of the freestanding bath and they do seem to feature far more in traditional designs than in more modern designs.

However, we have recently brought out our range of modern freestanding baths. These are exciting and modern pieces, with minimalist designs and strong lines. They are made of the most modern materials and feature designs that perfectly tie to post modern or minimalist surroundings. They don’t have feet and will benefit from minimal and sleek designs while still offering the maximum in pampering luxury. You can go for age old decadence without compromising your modern sensibilities.

All our new baths are made from dual layer acrylic for a beautiful finish that will perfectly complement gloss white bathroom furniture and modern suites. This acrylic is dual layer 5mm, which means it is incredibly strong and hard-wearing. This acrylic has an inner layer insulated with fibreglass and stone resin to further enhance the thermal properties of the bath (to ensure that it stays warm and comfortable), ensure it is leak proof and to make sure the bath stays absolutely rigid (which is important considering it will be unsupported yet have to hold the weight of water and a bather within it.)

Ideally these beautiful baths will form the centre piece of your dream bathroom, to show that you have found the perfect way to marry the traditionalism of a freestanding bath with the modern and minimalist style of your home. Although they are a traditional feature, they are brought all the way up to date and are the most modern and attractive style imaginable. Coupled with a modern suite, fitted bathroom furniture and one of our stylish heated towel rails, you can create the modern bathroom that takes all the lessons in pampering from the past and brings them up to date with modern technology and design.

Bathrooms And Insulation

January 16, 2012 in Baths, Heated Towel Rails

As we are currently experiencing a cold snap, our houses may seem cold and unwelcoming in the morning as we get out of bed for work. Which makes it that bit harder to get out of bed and showered before heading off to work. We have covered the importance of heated towel rails before, and they are products that many of us will find vital during these cold winter days. But it is also worth considering other aspects of your bathroom in order to maximise the warmth and comfort inside it.

Window coverings can make a big difference, as they prevent it seeming quite so cold and dark (there is nothing quite as dispiriting as waking up and realising it is still dark) and also provide an extra layer of insulation to even the most efficient double glazed windows. Having them in the right colour, which you ideally match with your towels and bath rug, can make the room feel warmer psychologically as well.

If you have a wet room, then under floor heating will be an investment that is currently paying off massively in terms of comfort and warmth. A floor that is warm to the touch feels luxurious and means that you don’t have to dash to dry off and get dressed after you bathe.

If you don’t have a wet room and are instead using a bath, the type of bath itself can make a huge difference to how warm it feels. Obviously, when the water is in the bath, the warmth of the water will be the determining factor in how warm it is. But the material that the bath is made from is a factor, as is the way that the bath is constructed. Old enamel baths, as well as fashion glass baths are both cold to the touch and tend to take a while to heat up and will cause a cold bathing experience. Acrylic baths have fibreglass on their reverse to act as insulation and prevent them from leaking. They also have an encapsulated base board to give them rigidty and this further retains the heat to keep the bath warm. It sounds odd, but a modern acrylic bath can make the whole room warmer, especially when it has warm water in it.

We also have a range of free standing baths made from dual layer acrylic with an inner insulation layer. These remain warm to the touch and have great thermal properties, making them ideal for a decadent and warm bath, especially in winter.

Odd Requests We Get

January 10, 2012 in Baths, Shower Enclosures, Showers

The other day one our customer service people bemusedly called over one of the technical staff while on a call, “Can you talk to this lady for a minute? She wants some information on a shower cubicle.” Now this, in and of itself, is not an unusual request: our technical staff are always advising customers on the details of shower cubicles, positions of taps on baths, types of wastes and so on and so forth. What was unusual was seeing our technical advisor crack an amused smile and ask “So you want to know which shower cubicle is best at muffling sound?”

Apparently the lady calling had fitted an en-suite in her bedroom and had discovered that she couldn’t stand her husband’s singing in the shower. When the bathroom had been down the hall it hadn’t been a problem, but now it was joined to the same room it had become an issue. She’d bought a very attractive wet room shower screen from us a few months previously and, although it was great at keeping everything dry and looked beautiful, she needed something to block the sound of her tone deaf husband. Our technical advisor did a little research and advised her to get one of our quadrant shower enclosures with curved screens, but it did lead to a conversation of odd requests we have had:

We had one guy call up and ask about buying a quantity of toilet seats. He wasn’t interested in the toilet at all but wanted to find out how much replacement toilet seats were because he “kept breaking them while drunk” but didn’t remember how. We tested one of the toilet seats and found it strong enough to support a 90kg man so we have no idea at all how he was managing it.

Would it be possible to drill a hole in a bath and put a camera lens in there? This one creeped us out a little bit and we declined to answer.

Could someone cut our shower screens in order to make them have an ornate design on the edge? This came from an interior designer customer we have. For the record, we think it would require very specialist equipment and tools. Shower screens are toughened safety glass and act like car windscreens when cut or damaged: you have to apply a LOT of force to do it but they shatter in a way that doesn’t cause dangerous shards of glass but looks pretty impressive.

Do we sell wall mount baths? Our resident physics genius assures us it is theoretically possible, but the brackets would have to be huge to support a bath, water and person in it and the wall would need strengthening to a massive degree.

Merry Christmas From Liberty Bathrooms

December 24, 2011 in Baths

Here at Liberty Bathrooms we’re just about ready for Christmas, although we don’t guarantee we won’t be nipping out to get a few last minute gifts. Although we would dearly love it to be the case, we don’t really see anyone buying a bathroom suite as a Christmas gift at this point, so we’re taking a couple of days off to be with our families.

We hope that is what everyone else is doing too, and that you’re all getting to enjoy a well-earned rest in the company of loved ones. Remember, too, that you can get to enjoy a nice long bath without having to rush around to be ready for work. As much as it is the season to be jolly, it is also the season to pamper yourself and relax, enjoy your new bath stuff and make yourself look glamorous for fabulous parties.

Of course, when you are out partying, be mindful of your own safety and other’s: don’t drink and drive and remember to drink plenty of water in-between other drinks to make sure you don’t wake up feeling too worse for wear.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Building A Bathroom Around A Free Standing Bath

December 23, 2011 in Baths

Taking a bath is relaxing and fun. However, if your bathroom lacks a proper design and accessories you may not have fun in there. In order to ensure your bath is inviting and relaxing, here are a few ideas on designing your bathroom.
The main items in your bathroom are the bath, shower and taps. If you decide to have the bath and shower, they should be well chosen to create elegance. You should choose a bath with a beautiful design and of quality, which will act as the main attraction of your bathroom. To truly act as a focal point, the bath should also stand freely in the middle of your bathroom, at least ten centimetres away from any wall.

In addition, you should purchase a quality showerhead that will enhance the look of your bathroom. It should also complement the bath in order to create harmony. You can either choose to have the showerhead fixed on the wall or ceiling depending on the shower floor.

The design of the taps on the other hand should be just right to match with the bath and shower. They should also enhance the design of the bath instead of playing it down.

The other thing that should add to the appeal of the bath and shower is the surface. The walls and floors should be made from material that is water resistant and with colors that match with the bath. The material of the surfaces should also be easy to clean in order to ensure a clean and hygienic bath always. In addition, it should be slip resistant to avoid accidents.

Adding A Shower And Other Bathing Options

December 11, 2011 in Baths

With an expansive collection of baths made to fit every bathroom type and size, Liberty Bathrooms has the solution for you. Whether your decorating scheme feels traditional, chic or contemporary, you can be sure that they have a bath that will work perfectly. They also have all of the options available to ensure that it not only fits your style, but your needs.

The baths that are offered come in a variety of styles such as acrylic, enamelled steel, corner baths, shower baths, freestanding baths and the ultimate whirlpool bath. They are made in a variety of style to fit any size bath. Baths are available anywhere from 1500x700mm to 1800x800mm.

The perfect bath for a family bathroom is a enamelled steel bath. This type of bath provides a very practical solution for the entire family. For a more modern look, you might choose a double-ended bath, which is becoming a more common style for new homes. Double-ended baths have both taps positioned in the center of the bath, so that you can bathe at either end without the taps interfering. This type of bath is also great for families, because there is plenty of bathing space for two children.

For combining bath and shower in the same space, you should consider shower baths. This is especially useful in homes that do not have enough space for a seperate bath and shower. Shower Baths feature one end wider than the other in order to create an area that is large enough for showering, and comfortable for bathing. Shower baths come in two styles, the l-shape and p-shape. A p-shape shower bath will work in any bathroom style. If you want a more modern look, go for the l-shape shower bath. The shower baths found on Liberty Bathrooms come with a bath screen. This will help to protect your bathroom from excess water mess while showering. One important thing to consider before purchasing a shower bath, is whether or not you need a left handed or right handed bath. Make sure to find this out before buying.

If you’re looking to make a strong design statement, a freestanding bath is sure to give you the wow factor that you’re looking for. For a more traditional style, choose a roll top or slipper freestanding bath.

For a feeling of luxury, consider using a corner bath as an alternative to a straight bath in your bathroom. This style of bath also works well in oddly shaped bathrooms, where you have to do everything possible to make the most of the space that you have. By using a corner bath, you free up some very valuable space in the rest of the room. Corner baths are available in sizes ranging from 1400x1400mm to 1500x1000mm.