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Luxury Bathroom Suites

September 28, 2012 in Bathroom Suites

Luxury Bathroom Suites

Total bathroom luxury is within easy reach, even if you don’t have a luxury budget. With well-designed bathroom suites, it’s possible to get a great look for a good price.

Luxury Bathing

Top quality materials and excellent design are two key features for any luxury bathroom furniture. Bigger bathrooms can benefit from larger furniture, such as a freestanding bath. In modern or traditional styles, a freestanding bath can be a real statement piece.

Another part of a luxury bathroom suite is the whirlpool bath. If a freestanding bath won’t work or isn’t your taste, a whirlpool bath can be an ultimate luxury. With models ranging from 8 to a whipping 28 jets, whirlpool baths are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and prices.

These baths can reduce stress and relax your muscles with their massaging effects. Some styles also feature air jets that work alongside the more traditional whirlpool just systems.

Luxury showers

One luxury shower trend is the wetroom. By waterproofing the entire suite, there’s no need for a shower enclosure. This allows for a great open plan, which makes any size room feel spacious. Wet rooms can be finished in high end materials, too, making them a stunning room.

If a wet room isn’t right for your luxury bathroom suite, there are walk-in shower enclosures, which screen the shower from the rest of the room, and more traditional enclosure styles. Large shower enclosures are a part of many luxury bathroom suites, as they also allow for the installation of body jets.

Shower head styles also allow for a luxury finish to a bathroom suite. Whether you prefer a large wall or ceiling mounted shower head or a shower rail system, there are plenty of luxury choices. Shower rail systems also offer the ability to adjust the shower head to a variety of heights, and the shower heads are easy to remove for even more control. Some models also offer a multi-mode handset for an even more customised showering experience.

Luxury toilets and basins

When planning luxury bathroom suites, it’s also important to consider the toilets and basins. While mixing and matching styles can help with some looks, many luxury suites benefit from using pieces from the same collection. It also ensures that your pieces work together, both in style and function.

Luxury doesn’t have to fit into a specific style, though. Modern luxury can be found in collections like the Rak Summit toilet and basin. These pieces have sleek lines that look great in any modern style of bathroom. For more traditional looks, the Windsor collection’s ornamentation can give a luxury bathroom suite a classical style.

Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

September 21, 2012 in Bathroom Suites, Cloakroom Suites

Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

Small on space but big on style

A small bathroom can be a design challenge. Trying to fit everything in can seem like a daunting task. However, with bathroom collections designed for small spaces and a bit of creativity, it’s possible to get a bathroom to have all the amenities without feeling cramped.

Small Designs

A great help in coming up with bathroom designs for small spaces is specially made bathroom units. While normal units can often work in small spaces, there are a number of bathroom suites designed to save space.
Small-projection toilets, such as those offered by the Tavistock Micra and RAK Compact collections, combine top quality function with a space-saving design. For even more available space, a wall-hung toilet can be a great option. By hiding the cistern, these toilets are attractive and compact.
There are also plenty of small basins available, including corner units.

Shower Enclosures and Shower Baths

Small spaces are a particular challenge when it comes to the bathroom’s biggest feature: the bath. In some bathroom designs for small spaces, the solution is to skip a bath altogether. If you’re a shower person, don’t feel that you need to include a bath in every bathroom. A top quality shower enclosure can take up less room than a bath.
By having a shower-only design, you can still have luxury. Many shower enclosures offer a modern look, and there are options for any type of space. A bifold shower enclosure can be a great design choice for small bathrooms, with no extra space needed for the door to open.
If you aren’t ready to forego a bath entirely, shower baths can be a perfect compromise for small spaces. For rooms where a separate shower and bath aren’t possible, a shower bath can give the best of both. They are great for families, too. A P-shaped shower bath can fit well into traditional bathroom designs, while an L-shaped unit fits perfectly with more modern designs.

Bathroom Storage

One of the challenges in any size bathroom is getting enough storage. Most bathroom designs for small spaces involve being creative with storage. With vanity units, cabinets, and other storage units, it’s possible to have pieces that serve multiple purposes.
A bathroom cabinet can be ideal for small spaces. Giving storage for small items, they can also function as the room’s mirror. They are great for tidying away all the things, like razors and toothbrushes, that can make a bathroom seem cluttered.
Vanity units and washstands can do the same for larger items. Units with integrated basins can make use of the space below. A vanity unit can hide things away, while a washstand can help give the impression of more space by being open.

Whatever your style, there are plenty of bathroom designs for small spaces. Even the tiniest cloakroom can seem spacious with the right choice of units, and it’s possible for a small family bathroom to have all the amenities.

The Apprentice

March 29, 2012 in Bathroom Suites, Off Topic

In yesterday’s The Apprentice, broadcast on BBC1 on 28th March, Alan Sugar tasked his group of hopeful entrepreneurs with creating a gadget for the home that they would conceive, test with a focus group, design and pitch to both Amazon and Lakeland. The boys’ team chose to make something for the kitchen whereas the girls decided to tackle something for the bathroom.

Obviously, this means that our professional curiosity was piqued. The girls floated two ideas: a sort of pillow device to cover the bathroom taps with to make bathing more relaxing and comfortable and a splash screen for use when bathing children. Although the focus group (which noticeably included a number of parents) came down strongly on the side of the pillow device, the team came down in favour of the splash screen for sake of ease of manufacture. Selling a wide variety of taps, we do understand that taps come in many different shapes and forms and that finding a way to affix something to all of them and successfully cover them all would be difficult. However, no one seemed particularly inspired by the splash screen. It most resembled a post office counter and provided precious little protection from splashing.

To us, the splash screen seemed largely redundant when you consider that a shower screen does the same job. It was also alarmingly expensive: we may work to tight margins to make sure that our customers get the best possible prices but quoting margins of nearly 300% to retailers seemed fanciful (this means that they were telling the retailer they could charge the customer roughly 4 times what they themselves had bought the items for). Add in the fact that the splash screen seemed massively overpriced even at cost and not particularly well designed and it wasn’t an altogether massive surprise when the girls lost the challenge and their product was identified as one of the main reasons they had done so.

By limiting themselves to people bathing their children the girls had cut down their potential target market. The first stage of their brief was to find a problem that needed solving, the second was to check this with potential customers, and then to design and manufacture their product. There was little to no interest in the bath screen yet they persevered regardless. While we know there is a great deal of innovation in the bathroom sector and lots of great products out there, we’re sure they could have found something which was a more pressing problem and created a product with more universal appeal. Who knows, we may even have ended up stocking it.

As an aside, if you are a parent who is having trouble with your children splashing about when you bathe them, consider one of our range of shower bath suites which all have purpose designed screens to prevent splashing and we’re not making ridiculous margins on.

Adding Cloakroom Suites To Smaller Spaces

March 6, 2012 in Bathroom Suites, Cloakroom Suites

Adding a cloakroom suite is sometimes not the first option that comes to mind when thinking of home upgrades, but it does have several advantages. This type of small washroom suite can be as simple as a remodeled closet or extra space underneath a staircase. Along with an added bathroom or other upgrade, this feature can increase the overall home value over a certain length of time. One of these spaces can also be a matter of convenience for visitors when it is located near the front section of the house.

When planning a cloakroom, home owners typically want to take the best possible advantage of the space available for the most reasonable cost. The cost of needed tools and materials can be a big factor for the final price. This kind of renovation project can be a DIY one for home owners with enough prior background experience in installing bathroom fixtures. Whether to hire a professional contractor is also a variable that affects the final cost of this kind of project.

This kind of added room usually differs from a full bathroom suite because it only contains a sink and toilet rather than a bathtub and shower. Products such as wall recessed toilet cisterns are designed to fit into even the smallest renovated closet space or newly-added room under the stairs. Many fixture sellers also have vanity furniture designed specially for these added washrooms. One of these fixtures can include a basin along with built-in counter space. Another option for maximizing the limited space is to install a corner-fitted toilet where space permits in this new washroom. Other toilets can also be wall-mounted to save on floor space as well. The type of installation option can depend on the total room dimensions along with the planned design.

A vanity unit with a sink basin is considered a standard installation for one of these washrooms. It typically does not require a large amount of storage space beyond a few shelves for hand towels and maybe a small cabinet for bathroom cleaning products. Combining one of these compact vanity units with a hidden cistern toilet is often one of the most economical options. This kind of fixture includes a cistern with a storage area at the top. These two units can usually be fitted close enough together to make the best use of the space yet still leave enough room for practical use.

Converting an existing closet or similar small room into a cloakroom suite can take some creativity and sometimes some specialized fixtures. Depending on the manufacturers and materials, some of these can be more expensive than others. The labor involved in the installation process can be another factor. Many home owners find that purchasing these types of vanity units and toilets together carries a lower price tag. With some planning, one of these smaller washrooms can be a welcome convenience for guests as well as a feature that may help bring a better sale price for a house in the future.

University Toilets For Sale, But Not How You Think

February 15, 2012 in Bathroom Suites, Cloakroom Suites, Uncategorized

In the current economic climate it’s often hard to make ends meet. This is true all of us, but also large bodies and even educational establishments. As student numbers dry up, governments cut budgets everywhere they can and donors are less likely to dig in their pockets. Faced with these challenges many colleges and universities are looking for new revenue streams. One that many universities and colleges in the USA have decided to try is naming rights for toilet stalls. Or, as our American cousins call them, bathrooms.

Rather than writing rude messages, puerile humour or vindictive messages about their exes on the toilet walls and doors, donors can pay to have their names immortalised on the smallest room. No doubt this is where some profound thoughts are formed amongst some great minds, but it does seem unconventional to immortalise your name on a toilet rather than on a statue or even a bench.

In the American state of Utah, a donation of $2,000 to the Dixie State College you can have your name emblazoned on a toilet stall. Initially this was for the toilets in a new building intended for a musical theatre troupe. Unfortunately uptake was unexpectedly slow and the building was not completed and the troupe is unfortunately out of business.

However, this isn’t an isolated effort. The prestigious Harvard Law School has opened the the Falik Men’s Room. The prestigious Boston, Massachusetts based Ivy League establishment is nothing like as reasonable as its Utah competition and William Falik donated some $100,000 to his old school in an effort to heighten public awareness of a fellowship named after his father. For a donation that size Steven Oliveira, Harvard Law’s dean for development and alumni relations, said that the organisation was happy to go along with the donor’s wishes. “We thought it was kind of tongue in-cheek and we were willing to do it,” said Oliveira.

Not all universities are quite so willing to accept donations for this kind of naming. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was apparently approached by an ex student of their’s called Brad Feld about a decade ago looking to name some toilets in exchange for a donation. They refused.

Feld was not deterred, however, and managed to get a toilet named after him at the University of Colorado in their Boulder science building. John Bennett, Director of the university’s Alliance for Technology, Learning & Society, John Bennett, approached Feld and offered him the chance to sponsor a campus toilet for $25,000 after hearing that he had been rejected by MIT. Feld lives in Boulder and agreed immediately. Obviously he wasn’t deterred by the perceived status of the toilet when it comes to having his name on the building and the college could get a lot of cloakroom suites with that money.

Maximise Even A Small Space With The Right Bathroom Furniture And Suite

February 1, 2012 in Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Suites, Guides

You can make the most out of a small bathroom, so that you can add both value and convenience to your home. Sometimes it can be hard to know where you should start. One good place to begin is with the budget. Figure out how much money you can spend on your project, then divide it up for labor and material costs. Do not forget about permits and other things that you might need. If you can design your new bathroom around existing pipes, then you will be better off. It will be easier and less expensive whether you are remodeling your bathroom or adding one to your home.

You need to think of how much space you have to work with, and what you need to fit into that space. Think about how many people will be using the space and what all their requirements are. You want to make sure that you have the right bathroom furniture and storage areas to fit everyone’s needs.

Measure your room. You can then create a graph that will show you how much space you have to work with. Use the same size ratio as well as standard size measurements for your bath and shower stall along with the basin and toilet. You can use this graph to explore different layouts for your bathroom easily.

If you do not have enough space for all that you want, then look for smaller sized items. You may be able to find smaller toilets or baths. You can make a great looking bathroom out of a small amount of space. Choosing from one of the many small vanity units can give you a basin as well as extra storage space for towels and personal products. A shower and bath combination can give you what you need, while saving space. You can think of many creative ways to save space without getting rid of the amenities that you want to have.

Be sure that you choose a wall color that suits your personal taste. Dark colors can make a room feel tiny, but bright colors will make a room seem larger. Tile can be a nice touch for your bath. Extremely large tiles or small mosaic tiles might be to much. Choose mid-size tiles for the best results.

When it comes to the flooring, make sure that the design and colour is the same throughout the room to make it appear larger and also not draw the eye to any one particular area that may make the room feel more cramped.

There are also many other small touches that you should use to make your bathroom look its very best. Pick out a nice mirror, towel rails, and a toilet-roll holder. You also want to get accessories like a soap dish and shelves.

Thinking about where you want to put everything before you start construction is a good idea. Choose the items that you want with care. They will make your bathroom look amazing and attractive. In the end, your final look should make you proud.

Designing A Bathroom

January 28, 2012 in Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Suites, Baths, Showers, Toilets

Read on to find out how to build the bathroom of your dreams.

When it comes to designing, keep in mind that each person has his own personal opinion on what makes a great design.

You should expect that not all individuals will like what you have done with the space as people have distinct tastes when it comes to design. Nevertheless, the design of your bathroom will become part of your home and as such, it is your opinion which matters the most on how it looks.

One of the things you need to carefully consider is whether you choose to follow the traditional way of designing the space. An alternative route is seeking your own voice and designing the space in accordance to your wants, needs and your personality. You can also choose to have the best of both worlds and customize an existing layout and make your own.

There is another factor you need to consider later on. This involves setting a specific budget for your bathroom design which details all of the possible products and services that you need to make it happen. Browse through design magazines or go to showrooms to get a better idea about the process and how other people have tackled similar problems.

Next, take a piece of graph paper and draw the initial layout of the room with a complete set of measurements. Make sure that your draw the layout to scale and indicate the areas that will be renovated or redesigned. The floorplan will give you a top view of the space including the openings so do not forget to indicate the direction where the windows and doors open to.

Create a scale model of the space you are designing to see what bathroom fixtures fit in your layout. Some of the standard fixtures include the tub and toilet bowl, bidet and cabinets among others. There are lots of different options you could consider at this stage, including freestanding baths, whirlpool baths and shower baths.

Unless the look is meant as a surprise gift, go over the design with your partner. Move the different pieces to see where the fixtures go best.

There are a few things to consider when designing:

Make sure that the lavatory area is private, especially if the space will function as a common bathroom for the entire family.

Consider where the light will be coming from.

Analyze the amount of natural light available.

Determine which areas require more illumination.

Always keep in mind that the bathroom is a functional space and that some fixtures have specific relationships with other fittings.

Determine whether you will do the construction yourself or hire a professional to do the work for you.

There are also professionals who can do the complete layout or give suggestions on what would look good. Keep in mind that their services are not for free. However, their expertise is worth tapping into if you have the extra budget.

Adding A Corner Bath To Gain Space

December 21, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

One way to create a luxurious feeling with bathroom suites is by adding a corner bath. Not only does this add luxury and style, it also offers functionality to any bathroom. Unlike straight baths, corner baths are usually added to utilize awkwardly shaped bathrooms. It can be added to new constructions or can be installed during major renovations.

When modeling a new bathroom space, it is important to consider the style that is being achieved. Designs can be simple and traditional to the more contemporary and even avant-garde. It can be helpful to browse through design magazines for inspiration and to find out what suits your taste. Showrooms in local home stores that can also be helpful when considering your design. The internet can also be a good source of the latest designs available in the market today.

Corner baths come in a variety of styles for different needs. There are baths that feature showers and side panels to prevent splashes. They are also available in different sizes for a comfortable bathing experience. The Luxe is a wonderful addition to bathroom suites and offers plenty of bathing space. For smaller bathrooms, there are also adequately sized corner baths to maximize the available space.

To complete the look of bathroom suites, adding a basin and toilet with matching designs as it is also important to create a unified theme. There are many designs available in the market today and choosing the best for your space can be quite tricky. Choosing brands that offer quality is important as they are considered investments that should last for years. Bathroom furniture is also indispensable to keep toiletries and linens organized. To make the most of the available space, choose cabinets that offer multi layer shelves. This ensures sufficient storage space using less floor area. The furniture should also conform to the theme to create an effective look.

Lighting should also be considered in any bathroom construction. Lighting needs to be adequate to perform daily routines. Bathroom heaters can also be added for maximum comfort. Aside from keeping the room warm, it also helps in the evaporation of moisture that can accumulate. This prevents the build-up of microbes which can be harmful to you and your family’s health.

Creating The Perfect Bathing Space – Whatever Your Budget!

December 19, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Liberty Bathrooms offers a variety of bathroom suites at all price points for homeowners who want to create any look from traditional to modern. Consumers can purchase luxurious bathroom fixtures and have their own private oasis with all the modern conveniences. Those on a budget can choose from more affordable lines that combine form and function at a reasonable price. Before researching the options, it is necessary to measure the available space carefully and take note of the locations of major fixtures, including the toilet, basin, shower and bathtub.

The ideal suite will provide everything needed without crowding the space available. Some bathrooms have enough room to accommodate a separate bathtub and shower. Other spaces may require the owner to choose a unit that combines the two fixtures to maximize the space available. Additional space is needed for the sink and toilet. For the smallest areas, a cloakroom suite offers the best arrangement to free up additional space. The consumer should carefully draw out a plan for the bathroom to ensure that all pieces fit within the area and are configured for maximum efficiency. In a well designed bathroom, each piece is carefully positioned to make sure there is enough room to move around comfortably. Most people will want to allow enough space for storage of towels, makeup, toiletries and other items.

Choosing a design is a matter of personal preference once the consumer determines exactly how much room there is to work with. Modern designs by RAK and our own Liberty suite are popular with many homeowners. Many new builders choose RAK suites for installation in new home construction. Consumers also have many luxury options that will set any bathroom apart from the crowd. A freestanding tub is an elegant addition to any bathroom as long as there is enough floor space to accommodate it.

Most homeowners will want to consider the affect a new bathroom suite has on the overall property value. Those who are not planning to sell the house will want t make sure they purchase something that they will appeal to them for many years into the future. Renovating a bathroom is an effective way to increase the resale value of the building while providing a relaxing environment for all who use it.

Utilising Space With The Porto Suite

December 6, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Often, when designing or renovating a bathroom, you find that the space you have isn’t as large or conveniently shaped as you would want. Your room may be either too square or too narrow to achieve the look and include all the fixtures that you want. You may find that wall space is eaten up by an awkwardly placed door or window, or that your radiators take up space that you would otherwise want to utilise. In situations such as this, you often have to sacrifice the luxury of a stand alone shower. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice showering space: our Porto L shaped shower bath suites allow you to have a large showering space built into your bath. The innovative design means that there is a shower area built into the bath giving you plenty of room to shower while still retaining all the functionality of a traditional bath.

The 5mm acrylic bath comes with everything you need to finish the look of the shower and bathing area: a specially designed shower screen which continues the theme of spaciousness and cutting edged design to ensure that you have as much space as you could want for your shower while retaining a consistently gorgeous look. There is also a durable, attractive panel that fits the innovative bath shape. To provide the finishing touch there is also a Forme shower mixer tap, which comes in highly polished chrome and features a modern, angular design with the ability to either use the tap or divert through to the gorgeous shower head. For added flexibility, we sell the bath in both left and right handed versions, meaning you can always find a space to fit one.

Of course, there are other components to the suite than just the bath, screen and panels. The Porto WC boasts a modern design that is entirely in keeping with aesthetic of the rest of the suite. Featuring a modern, curved design and all the most modern features like a soft-close lid and a water saving dual flush.

The pedestal basin features a striking, modern design that incorporates both clean lines and brave curves to create a beautiful piece of furniture. It is accompanied by a Forme basin mixer tap which continues the modernity and elegance of the bathroom suite and incorporates function and convenience with a single lever system and shiny chrome finish.

For just £489.95 this complete shower bath suite combines absolutely everything you need to install a complete bathroom that is, at once, striking and functional. Allowing you to utilise space better than you ever imagined while giving you every feature you could ever want from a bathroom with absolutely no compromise. This suite is functional, strikingly attractive and fantastically priced.