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Advantages of Vanity Units

March 10, 2012 in Basins, Bathroom Furniture

Many people, when it comes to designing their bathroom, try to utilise a clean horizontal line that carries on as much as possible so as not to draw the eye and also to create a feeling of space. This is most true in modern and minimalist bathrooms and is why many people are drawing to choosing fitted bathroom furniture. This allows them to create the seamless horizontal line they crave with the furniture as well as removing all sources of clutter that would otherwise break the line and store it within the cabinets themselves.

Adding a basin and a toilet, which are considered fundamental parts of any bathroom, tends to complicate this design. If you go for a traditional pedestal basin and close coupled toilet you are left with two irregularly shaped items which have their own heights and surfaces which won’t fit with the overall horizontal line and break the flow and design of the bathroom. Fortunately, other options are available.

The toilet itself can be replaced with a back to wall toilet. This is a toilet designed to have a cistern hidden inside a wall or otherwise obscured from view so that only the pan itself is visible. The cistern can be placed in a cabinet that is the same design and height as the other fitted furniture and keeps the same line throughout the room as well as allow you to place items on top of it more easily.

It is possible to replace pedestal basins with vanity units. They are basins that sit atop a cabinet, again at the same height and with the same design as the rest of your furniture, which means that you have all the functionality of your basin, coupled with keeping the same height and line as the items in the rest of the room as well as adding valuable storage.

For this reason vanity units are increasingly popular, as they add greater functionality than a pedestal basin and also fit in with more modern bathroom designs more readily than a typical pedestal basin. The fact that they also add storage is a boon in everyday life as people can use that storage, particularly to store things that are needed around the basin to make sure that they stay close to hand.

Vanity units and back to the wall toilets are a great way of creating a consistency in your bathroom design and making sure that you keep the room uncluttered and create a feeling of space and a pleasant design throughout while adding valuable storage and making using the room (and particularly the basin area) more pleasurable and relaxing.

Cleaning A Clogged Drain

February 24, 2012 in Basins, Off Topic

In almost any building, from the most modest home to the grandest hotel, from a simple restaurant to a high rise office block, getting rid of water and water based waste is an important task. Waste can be removed in one of two ways: a drain system or carrying it out.

There was a time when each bedroom was equipped with a small bucket. The bucket was used in the wee hours of the morning instead of walking to an outhouse in the dark. After all, it can be scary and cold outside at night. In addition, another bucket was kept under the sink.

Installation of the technology we know as modern plumbing solved the problem. Sinks were connected to drain pipes that took the wastewater from the home to a central city drain or, if there were no central drain available, to a system known as the septic tank, which allowed solids to decompose and liquids to leach into the drain field to be distributed safely into the earth.

The problem with drains is that they can plug, requiring cleaning of the system so that they will drain once again. The clogged line may be a minor problem is the sink is seldom used. However, if the main line becomes clogged, the drain may cause a major problem.

Chemical and enzymatic drain cleaners, often found lining the shelves of stores, may be used to help to clear these drains. These products are sold in liquids, gels or solids. In each case, the products create a chemical reaction that results in clearing the clog. Most of the time, the user may note that the process of clearing the drain with these products results in heat being generated.

Before you pour a commercial drain cleaner into the pipes, it pays to know what is inside the bottle. There are two different types of these cleaners: chemical and enzymatic.

The chemical cleaners for drains are corrosive. They can cause damage to PVC plastic, galvanized steel, copper and steel pipes. While the chemical works through the clog, it can also work to destroy the fixtures and pipes as well. Avoid getting these chemicals on the skin as they can eat away skin as well as the clog.

On the other hand, enzymatic cleaners may take longer to work, as they live in the pipe and eat through the clog. They are safe and natural and do not cause damage to the plumbing fixtures.

Never mix chemical drain cleaners as dangerous accidents may result.

Pressure and Mechanical Drain Cleaners

Drain augers provide the simplest method of cleaning a clog. These manual turn devices are placed in the pipe and turned. The action serves to loosen the clog and to open the drain once again.

Electric drain cleaners work in essentially the same manner as the manual drain auger, except they are operated using an electric motor. These augers are better tools for larger jobs, including clogged main lines.

Air burst drain cleaners free the clogs in the pipes with a burst of compressed air or other gases such as CO2. When these devices are triggered, the gas bursts through the pipe to loosen the clog. Air burst cleaners, including the Kleer Drain Opener work best with clogs that are near the drain opening. When drains are located down line, the force may not be powerful enough to remove the clog.

Jetter Drain Cleaners use water pressure to clear the clog. These devices use water to cut through and clean the drain. The pressure can clean the drain as a pressure washer cleans dirt from the outside of a vehicle.

Each method has its own distinct advantages and drawbacks, and many people often prefer to start simple before escalating to a more complicated solution. After all, a few minutes with a plunger is far less likely to cause a mess and take time than dismantling the drain and using expensive equipment down there. Just work safely and sensibly as you remove your blockages.

Consider A Vanity Unit

February 21, 2012 in Basins, Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Furniture

When it comes to choosing a bathroom suite your main components are (of course) the bath, basin and toilet. You may add in a shower, either as a replacement for the bath or an addition to it, but this is generally the configuration that is available to you. Of these components the most time is spent on deciding on the bath and shower and the toilet and basin are usually chosen to be sympathetic to the larger pieces in the suite. This isn’t necessarily a bad of choosing the suite but it does sometimes overlook the options available to you.

When it comes to choosing a bathroom suite, whatever you decide to do in terms of bath and/or shower consider getting a vanity unit in place of the basin, especially if you are going to buy a modern suite or use fitted bathroom furniture.

A vanity unit is basically a basin sat atop a cabinet. It takes up a very similar footprint to a pedestal basin as it is the width of the basin all the way down to the floor. They tend to look more angular than a pedestal, which may be in keeping with the look that you are going for if you want a more minimalist or modern bathroom. The big advantage that they have, however, is that they allow you to add a great deal of storage to the bathroom as a whole, and the basin area in particular, without necessarily impacting on the floor space available to you or making the room feel more crowded.

Because the vanity unit takes the place of the basin it is an ideal place to store extra towels that you can swap out when drying your hands, and extra toiletries and bits and pieces that you find yourself needing around the sink like tooth paste, toothbrushes, soap and mouth wash. It means that you don’t have to run around or go searching should you need a clean towel or to replace toothpaste and it keeps things out of sight and stops them cluttering up your bathroom and ruining your eye-line.

If you are adding fitted furniture to the bathroom anyway then the vanity unit is a particularly good choice as it can match with the rest of the furniture and even slot in-between standard cabinets so that the only visible difference is the basin on top. If space allows you could even consider using multiple vanity units as a great way of increasing storage space as well as allowing more than one person to brush their teeth or wash their hands at once. This is particularly desirable in busy households.

The Importance Of A Stylish Basin

December 27, 2011 in Basins

Usually when we fantasize of having those bathrooms we see in the magazines, the first few things that come in our minds are modern bathtubs, showers, furnishings, tiles etc. but the most important thing we always forget is a good looking basin.

Why Basins?
These days because of the increasing demand of bathroom furniture, as well as the undeniable quality on offer, it is very difficult to achieve a good look for a bathroom within a fixed budget. But a basin can be the cheapest thing one can buy for a house’s bathroom and make it look elegant. An expensive basin is a lot better than the cheapest bathtubs; this tells why one should only go for stylish basins.

When selecting a basin, aim to increase the storage while you make sure that the basin you’re purchasing remains uncluttered and occupies as little space as possible. There are many such types of basins, including vanity units that come with drawers and cabinets, they are the ideal basins for this purpose and can add both function and gorgeous design easily and inexpensively.

Buying two basins are practically best for those who have kids, they are one of the most desired bathroom additions, however many people are creative enough to foresee their importance and charm. They are not only fashionable but also useful to divide children’s items from that of adults. They may be more expensive than a single basin but spending the a little more can make the bathroom far more usable and simplify family life.

The finishing touch to adding a basin is often their mirrors. The larger the mirror is the better it looks, which can change the overall look of a bathroom. But the mirror size should be chosen according to the bathroom’s dimensions. It is important to keep the mirror proportional to the overall room, if the room is small a very large mirror will not look as good but if the space is available, large mirrors will add light, a sense of space and set off your new basin perfectly.

Renovating A Bathroom By Clever Decoration

December 17, 2011 in Basins

It is easy for homeowners to add vibrancy to any room in their home with simply changing a few materials and items. Using marble can make the room appear more lavish and sumptuous, especially when it comes to selecting bathroom furniture. Although it looks beautiful, is hard wearing and requires little maintenance, homeowners will need to prepare themselves for the heavy price tag that comes attached with each slab of marble. The material may be expensive but it remains a popular choice for homes because of its opulent look and feel. However, homeowners need not overstretch themselves any longer with the variety of marble alternatives that have invaded the market. Synthetic marble is crafted out of polymers and resins that have been cast or crushed to recreate the look of real marble. Only a seasoned professional will be able to tell the difference between the real marble and the synthetic one, providing property owners a more practical and cost-effective alternative to having marble in their home.

Another alternative is mixing up different types of tiles to produce a unique yet wonderfully designed mosaic. If you are aiming for a more luxurious period look, use wood matched with gold and silver. Remember to add candles for a more dramatic effect. With these tips, expect reactions of awe from those who pass by or use the bathroom.

Bathroom accessories have developed significantly over time, providing comfort and luxury to the user while still being practical and useful. Homeowners can use the space to wash up during the morning and relax during the evenings.

Modifying the design and look of the bathroom need not be an expensive endeavour. Simply using more neutral colours can help give the impression that the room is larger than it is. A lighter tone of beige or ecru can work wonders. Another trick that has a similar effect is painting the top edge with a different colour.

Materials that are in a paler shade of colour can give the bathroom space a fresher look. Use vinyl and tiles to create this effect. Always remember that light-coloured materials tarnish easier, requiring more frequent cleaning. Remember to use natural light as well. An open window allows more natural light in, creating a spacious yet welcoming area.

The wash basin is the heart of the bathroom. Take the time to see what choices are available. A few minutes spent researching equates to wiser product choices. We carry a wide-range of these to suit every kind of bathroom. It is also a great way to find inspiration. People can choose from a wide range of wash basins, vanities and sinks. The right fixture can change the look of the bathroom. Using a little bit of creativity, homeowners can turn the bathroom into a favourite space within the home.

Cosmetic Touches To Update A Tired Bathroom

December 1, 2011 in Basins, Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Taps, Toilet Seats, Toilets

When it comes time for you to dress up your bathroom, much can be achieved with new wallpaper, paint, or a new shower screen. To achieve a real makeover though, maybe some new bathroom furniture would be a better investment; after all we would expect a bathroom makeover to last several years. Styles come and go, so a bathroom can look very dated quite quickly. Just changing the wall coverings will make a huge difference to a small room.

Flooring will make a great visual change. Taking out old tile that has been there since the house was built is a good start. When putting in new floor coverings, think about installing a heated floor under the new surface. Check with the manufacturer of your chosen floor to make sure you can use with floor heating first. Toasty toes in the winter will be worth all the work.

If you have a toilet that is dated by the color, maybe change that out for a white one. If you can get away with it, just changing out the seat will smarten that old style toilet up. A new bathroom vanity with modern door handles, matching accessories like lights, shelves and light switch plates will make your bathroom look like it has had a total makeover. All of this takes time and planning, make sure if this is your only bathroom it is done quickly or in stages so you have use of the water and the toilet.

If you can change your taps out yourself, without having to hire a plumber, you will save yourself some money. It is not a hard job and made very much easier with the use of flexible connectors so you do not have to solder any pipes. The more of the work you can do yourself, obviously, the better.

If you can only afford to add a few things to your bathroom, then consider lighting first. Just changing a few light fixtures will make your bathroom seem like it has had a revamp. Light makes a room seem inviting so pick some warm looking fixtures; even a heat bulb with its glow will make a room look more inviting. Bathroom furniture will make a big change to your room so choose wisely and bring your room up to date with just a few improvements.