Beautiful Modern Bathroom Suites

November 7, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Today’s bathroom suites are more than functional. They can be the most beautiful room in the home. If you have recently become enamored of a glorious showpiece bathroom, but fear it is out of your price range, don’t despair. No matter how small your space or budget, with a little know-how you can create a similar feeling in your own bathroom. Here’s how:

Use the Bath as Art

The bathroom is all about the bath, so your tub should be centrally located. Place it at least 10cm away from the wall. Freestanding tubs are striking pieces, sure to set your bathroom apart from others. Consider getting a claw-footed roll top, or a sculpted modern design. There are also wooden and steel tubs. If you are wondering where to start, Liberty Bathrooms are both excellent spots to begin shopping for your perfect tub.

Focal Point Taps

The tap should match the bath in terms of look and style. Taps with simple, unfussy lines are the best, as are taps that emerge directly out of the floor or wall. Hudson Reed is a good place to find great fixtures at affordable prices.

Keep it Simple

Your bathroom’s floors and wall coverings should be kept simple. Plain tiles, polished concrete, and stained floorboards are all good choices. A dark stain or paint can add some drama, as well.

Show Off the Shower

Your shower should be competing with the bath for that wow factor. A simple floor-standing shower is elegant, as is a large showerhead that protrudes straight from the wall or ceiling. Waterfront is a good place to look for ideas.

Less Is More

Use your budget for single items rather than obsessing over accessories.

Shades of the Dramatic

The colour of your walls will set off your bath. Bold black works well with a floor painted to match. Wipeable paint is cheap and excellent for a bathroom, but wallpaper behind glass or tiles will give you a gorgeous look that will make your bathroom the envy of everyone who enters it.

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