Bathrooms And Insulation

January 16, 2012 in Baths, Heated Towel Rails

As we are currently experiencing a cold snap, our houses may seem cold and unwelcoming in the morning as we get out of bed for work. Which makes it that bit harder to get out of bed and showered before heading off to work. We have covered the importance of heated towel rails before, and they are products that many of us will find vital during these cold winter days. But it is also worth considering other aspects of your bathroom in order to maximise the warmth and comfort inside it.

Window coverings can make a big difference, as they prevent it seeming quite so cold and dark (there is nothing quite as dispiriting as waking up and realising it is still dark) and also provide an extra layer of insulation to even the most efficient double glazed windows. Having them in the right colour, which you ideally match with your towels and bath rug, can make the room feel warmer psychologically as well.

If you have a wet room, then under floor heating will be an investment that is currently paying off massively in terms of comfort and warmth. A floor that is warm to the touch feels luxurious and means that you don’t have to dash to dry off and get dressed after you bathe.

If you don’t have a wet room and are instead using a bath, the type of bath itself can make a huge difference to how warm it feels. Obviously, when the water is in the bath, the warmth of the water will be the determining factor in how warm it is. But the material that the bath is made from is a factor, as is the way that the bath is constructed. Old enamel baths, as well as fashion glass baths are both cold to the touch and tend to take a while to heat up and will cause a cold bathing experience. Acrylic baths have fibreglass on their reverse to act as insulation and prevent them from leaking. They also have an encapsulated base board to give them rigidty and this further retains the heat to keep the bath warm. It sounds odd, but a modern acrylic bath can make the whole room warmer, especially when it has warm water in it.

We also have a range of free standing baths made from dual layer acrylic with an inner insulation layer. These remain warm to the touch and have great thermal properties, making them ideal for a decadent and warm bath, especially in winter.

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