Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

September 21, 2012 in Bathroom Suites, Cloakroom Suites

Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

Small on space but big on style

A small bathroom can be a design challenge. Trying to fit everything in can seem like a daunting task. However, with bathroom collections designed for small spaces and a bit of creativity, it’s possible to get a bathroom to have all the amenities without feeling cramped.

Small Designs

A great help in coming up with bathroom designs for small spaces is specially made bathroom units. While normal units can often work in small spaces, there are a number of bathroom suites designed to save space.
Small-projection toilets, such as those offered by the Tavistock Micra and RAK Compact collections, combine top quality function with a space-saving design. For even more available space, a wall-hung toilet can be a great option. By hiding the cistern, these toilets are attractive and compact.
There are also plenty of small basins available, including corner units.

Shower Enclosures and Shower Baths

Small spaces are a particular challenge when it comes to the bathroom’s biggest feature: the bath. In some bathroom designs for small spaces, the solution is to skip a bath altogether. If you’re a shower person, don’t feel that you need to include a bath in every bathroom. A top quality shower enclosure can take up less room than a bath.
By having a shower-only design, you can still have luxury. Many shower enclosures offer a modern look, and there are options for any type of space. A bifold shower enclosure can be a great design choice for small bathrooms, with no extra space needed for the door to open.
If you aren’t ready to forego a bath entirely, shower baths can be a perfect compromise for small spaces. For rooms where a separate shower and bath aren’t possible, a shower bath can give the best of both. They are great for families, too. A P-shaped shower bath can fit well into traditional bathroom designs, while an L-shaped unit fits perfectly with more modern designs.

Bathroom Storage

One of the challenges in any size bathroom is getting enough storage. Most bathroom designs for small spaces involve being creative with storage. With vanity units, cabinets, and other storage units, it’s possible to have pieces that serve multiple purposes.
A bathroom cabinet can be ideal for small spaces. Giving storage for small items, they can also function as the room’s mirror. They are great for tidying away all the things, like razors and toothbrushes, that can make a bathroom seem cluttered.
Vanity units and washstands can do the same for larger items. Units with integrated basins can make use of the space below. A vanity unit can hide things away, while a washstand can help give the impression of more space by being open.

Whatever your style, there are plenty of bathroom designs for small spaces. Even the tiniest cloakroom can seem spacious with the right choice of units, and it’s possible for a small family bathroom to have all the amenities.

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