Adding A Wet Room To Your Bathroom

December 13, 2011 in Shower Enclosures, Showers

A wet room is a great way to customise the look and style of your bathroom into something contemporary and cool while also creating a safe way for lesser abled person to manage. No matter if your bathroom is large or small, you can probably fit a wet room into whatever space you need it in. During installation, you want to make sure you consider the drainage and ventilation capabilities of the room, as well as heating underneath the floor. Removing the shower tray from a wet room gives the room an open feeling. You could also use a frameless enclosure, which will result in a very modern look and feel.

Most people who get wet room do so because they want their bathroom suites to be a custom size. This gives you more options than a traditional enclosure because with the traditional models there are set sizes that you are required to choose from.

A cheaper alternative to a wet room would be a walk in shower, which would also be able to fit into your current bathroom. These showers usually come with their own shower tray so you do not have to worry about waterproofing the room itself. The tray in this kind of situation is usually shallow, so it has the same minimal look and feel of a wet room.

In fact, this minimal feel extends to both wet rooms and walk in showers in any type of home. It can easily make them the centerpiece of your bathroom.

Liberty Bathrooms is a premiere supplier of both walk in showers and wet rooms today. You can choose from a wide variety of trays and panels that can fit into virtually any bathroom setup, and will transform your bathroom.

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