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Installing a Whirlpool Bath

November 30, 2011 in Baths

One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom. It is here where a person can relax after a hard day and take a few minutes to calm the mind. Remodeling the bathroom to make a spa atmosphere will give a person a space that they can relax and be pampered in. Liberty Bathrooms will be able to help achieve this look. A bathroom that appear spa-like will give the home a beautiful focal point that will work well in both large or small bathrooms. There are multiple choices of products to select from that include trendy bathroom furniture, whirlpool bath tubs, a freestanding bath and elegant faucets that will complete the dream room.

A spa bathroom needs to create a soothing and calming area. Selecting the correct colors is an essential part if the room. Neutral colors are always a good choice to give a relaxing essence. The bathroom should be kept minimalistic and free from clutter. Only keep the necessities in the room and hide the remaining toiletries. Liberty Bathrooms will offer a great amount of bathroom furniture and ways to store things such as vanities for the wall, shelves and tables. They also have taller units or mirrored cabinets in different textures and finishes, to get complete the look that is wanted.

One way to get a spa bathroom is to select a fabulous and unique counter top basin on top of the vanity table. Collections like Mito are ideal selections to give a spa feel and will make a elegant feature in the room. To finish the look, it may be smart to pick a wall mounted basin faucet to add a touch of sleekness.

Having a whirlpool bath will provide a great way to style a spa bathroom and will afford the opportunity to soak in the the bathtub after a long day. Whirlpool baths pump water through jets that are on the sides of the fixture. Air spa baths pump air through jets at the bottom of the tub. Some mix both options to give the maximum amount of relaxation. A freestanding bath
is also an ideal choice for a spa bathroom. It adds a touch of luxury to the room. If space in the room allows, installing a freestyle bath in the center of the room will make a wonderful centerpiece for the area. Perhaps showering is preferred to taking a bath. In this case, there are many walk in shower enclosures that will look wonderful in the bathroom and give a stylish way to bathe. Making a wetroom shower area will let a person create a space that is perfect and does not restrict the size of the shower tray. A wetroom screen will keep everything dry during a shower. It is nice to finish the look with an oversized shower head. This will give a relaxing wash experience.

The last details that will connect the look of the spa bathroom is the faucets. Choosing a waterfall effect to enhance the ambiance of relaxation along with a towel rail that is heated will give the utmost in luxury. Do not omit fluffy towels, bathrobes, and candles to create the ideal finishing touches. There is no better way to soak up the luxury than in a spa bathroom.

Understanding The Different Types Of Bathroom Taps

November 25, 2011 in Bathroom Taps

The choice of bathroom taps that a homeowner makes plays a big role in how the overall bathroom will look. For a fantastic collection of bathroom taps, regardless of style, look at Liberty Bathrooms. Whether your bathroom is designed in the traditional or classic style or leans more to ultra modern design, there is an endless choice to pick from. Bathroom taps could be basin mixer, pillar, wall mounted taps or bath shower mixers, and within all these options, there are different categories.

Of course, that may lead some homeowners to feel overwhelmed by the huge selection available to them, but it does not have to be a difficult choice. Instead, one has to take a sensible approach. For instance, if there are curvaceous shapes in your bathroom pottery, just taps that are rounded in design. On the other hand, if there are angular shapes, choose straight lines, which would be more true to modern design. That said, it is imperative that the finish and materials in the bathroom taps you choose are carried into the rest of the bathroom pottery. Failure to do so would create a mismatched look that would not be ideal to design scheme. Choosing chrome finished bathroom taps is a safe decision, as it is quite the popular choice in new bathrooms. The reason is because they can easily blend into any design scheme. A bonus is that chrome is easy to maintain. However, if you want to be different, choose matte black finished taps.

A new bathroom could definitely benefit from a single lever basin tap. For one thing, it comes in a wide range of designs. For another thing, it makes it more user friendly, enabling the user to adjust the hot and cold water with just the one lever. Mixer taps are quite popular as well, and also come in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs. They could be 2- or 3-holed versions, where the mixer tap operates on a single spout and two levers are required for operation. One of levers is to adjust the cold water, and the other is to adjust the hot water. Pillar taps are to be used in basins that have two tap holes pre-drilled into them. More often than not, they are the least expensive option available to consumers, but that does not mean that they are boring in design, as there are numerous styles to pick from.

The wall-mounted taps are the best option to provide for a more neat and streamlined look to your bathroom. These are ideal when coupled with countertop basins and baths where no tap holes have been pre-drilled. Instead, all the pipes are concealed behind the wall. Although this is a beautiful look, the installation can present some confusion.

For a bathtub that is positioned in the middle of the room or far away from the wall, floor-standing bath taps are the best solution. A popular option among consumers is the bath shower mixer and bath fillers.

How To Factor In Water Pressure When Installing High Mixer Taps

November 23, 2011 in Bathroom Taps

Factoring in water pressure is necessary when you are fitting in new high mixer taps or even a shower system. This is a very important step when you are selecting your taps, because making a mistake with this can lead to poor results after they are fitted. For instance, if you put in a tap that requires higher pressure than the average tap in a system system that outputs water at a lower than normal pressure, you may not receive any water from it at all. If you do happen to get any water out of it, the water will only trickle out very weakly. Usually, this is only based on the hot water pressure, as the cold water pressure is often at the pressure of the mains.

You should be aware of the units that water pressure is measured in before you purchase or fit a tap. These units are PSI, head (metres), and bar. This is calculated so that 1 bar is equal to 10 metres head, and that translates to 14.5 PSI.

Water pressure is commonly dependent on a gravity fed system within the house. This water pressure in such a system will correlate to the height of the house’s cold water storage tank. This can be easily calculated to figure out what your water pressure is.

The equation that must be used to figure out the pressure in bar units is simple. You merely measure the bottom of the cold water storage tank’s distance to the location of the taps. Next, you must multiply this distance by 0.1. Then you will have your bar pressure calculated. For example, 2 metres of height would be calculated as 0.2 bar.

It is no wonder that a lot of older houses require the use of a pump or something like it, in order to obtain higher water pressure. It would be quite impossible in most houses to obtain a 1.0 bar pressure in a gravity-fed system, since you would have to place the tank 10 metres above the outlet.

Walk In Enclosures For Contempory Wet Rooms

November 21, 2011 in Shower Enclosures, Shower Screens

Not only do able-bodied people enjoy them, but creating a custom wet room in your bathroom area is a good way to provide safety for the elderly, children, or those with balance problems. Walk in enclosures and shower screens are contemporary additions to either large or small bathrooms. Wet room screens can be used in even very small rooms, and give the impression of more space, especially if a shower tray is excluded. A very stylish, modern appearance can be effected with frameless enclosures, as well. Keep in mind when installing a wet room that ventilation, good drainage and under floor heating are all important elements.

The freedom of choosing the size of the wet room is one of the reasons that make installing the walk in enclosures so popular. If an enclosure with a tray is purchased, then the choice is limited to the standard sizes available. By eliminating the tray, the space can be customized with just the glass panels.

Walk in showers are less expensive alternatives to installing a wet room, yet no style nor space need be sacrificed. Because walk in showers usually have a shower tray, the entire room does not need to be waterproofed. Walk in enclosures have very shallow trays, which gives the shower area a stylish, yet minimalist look.

Both wet rooms and walk in showers give a very spacious feeling to any size bathroom. It is the perfect addition to a home with its optional shower tray and lovely glass panels glistening in the light, making it the focal point of any bathroom.

Not only do able-bodied people enjoy them, but creating a custom wet room in your bathroom area is a good way to provide safety for the elderly, children, or those with balance problems. Walk in enclosures and shower screens are contemporary additions to either large or small bathrooms. Wet room screens can be used in even very small rooms, and give the impression of more space, especially if a shower tray is excluded. A very stylish, modern appearance can be effected with frameless enclosures, as well. Keep in mind when installing a wet room that ventilation, good drainage and under floor heating are all important elements.

The freedom of choosing the size of the wet room is one of the reasons that make installing the walk in enclosures so popular. If an enclosure with a tray is purchased, then the choice is limited to the standard sizes available. By eliminating the tray, the space can be customized with just the glass panels.

Walk in showers are less expensive alternatives to installing a wet room, yet no style nor space need be sacrificed. Because walk in showers usually have a shower tray, the entire room does not need to be waterproofed. Walk in enclosures have very shallow trays, which gives the shower area a stylish, yet minimalist look.

In larger bathrooms or in small ones, wet rooms provide a custom, contemporary atmosphere to the bath while providing a safe environment for everyone. They can be customized to the space available, as any size can be installed.

The best walk in enclosures and wet rooms available on the market today are offered by Liberty Bathrooms. Choices include a variety of panels, trays, wet room screens and shower screens. They transform any bathroom into a modern showpiece and enjoyable room with a spa feeling that everyone in the family will love. Do not hesitate to plan your wet room and install the bathroom of your dreams today.

Investing In Bathroom Suites

November 19, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Liberty Bathrooms provides a vast selection of bathroom suites ranging from affordable to luxury and contemporary to classic. When selecting a new bathroom suite, it is important to consider the style and look that you are aiming to achieve and search for inspiration before you make your final choice. Likewise, it is also important to properly measure how much space is available in the bathroom and the position of the shower, bath, basin, and toilets within the room.

Which bathroom suite you will select will be based on how much space is available in your bathroom. If you have a bathroom with ample space then you will have enough room for the entire suite, including the basin, shower, toilet, furniture, and bath. These selections will have prices that will fit at the beginning range of your budget. If you are dealing with a smaller bathroom, you will have less options, such as a basin, toilet, and bath. Regardless of which bathroom suite you choose, the positioning of everything is truly critical. For bathrooms where space is an issue, it can be advised to consider some of the smaller and size appropriate bathroom suites that are available. Some consideration to positioning can help you to gain more space within your bathroom as well. Because of this, it is a wise idea to plan out the style and positioning of your bathroom first, so that you have an idea of where everything may be located when it is finished.

Your bathroom style depends only on you and what your personal preferences are. For individuals who are interested in a modern styled bathroom suite, RAK offers a wonderful range of modern options in various sizes. These bathroom suites are becoming more popular within new households. If your goal is to have a luxury styled bathroom, you may want to consider featuring a freestanding bath as a focal point to the overall theme of the room.

Overall, when you are choosing a new bathroom suite, you should ultimately think about the potential resale of your property within the future. Keeping this possibility in mind will reaffirm the importance of choosing a bathroom suite that will last for years to come while still being suitable for present use.

How To Make Cloakroom Suites Look Spacious

November 17, 2011 in Bathroom Suites

Home owners who have frequent guests need to have a nice cloakroom suite for their visitors to use. It is very convenient to have a second bathroom and cloakroom suites increase the value of a home. Homeowners with a cloakroom suite can do several things to make the small bathroom appear larger than its actual size.

It is important for people to make the most of their bathroom space because many bathrooms do not offer enough space for all of a person’s essential items. People with smaller bathrooms should purchase organizer products such as shelving and decorative storage baskets. Vanity units are also a great way of maximising storage space without sacrificing extra room to clutter or furniture. People can make a bathroom look larger by painting the walls in a light color. A white, cream or yellow room will look much larger than one with dark colored walls.

The right type of lighting can also make a small bathroom appear much larger. Dark rooms tend to look smaller than well-lit rooms so it is a good idea to find ways to brighten up the room. Overhead light fixtures are the best option for a small bathroom. The addition of cabinet spotlights or ceiling pot lights will make the room look larger and will brighten up the atmosphere. Blinds or dark colored curtains can make a small space seem even smaller, so people should purchase light colored curtains for their bathroom window. If privacy is not an issue, sheer curtains are a terrific choice for a bathroom window.

Most people prefer to have a shower and bathtub in their bathroom, but some small homes do not have enough room for both. Replacing a bathtub with a corner shower unit will create additional space. There are also small bathtub and shower units for people who want to have both features. People should install a variety of space saving products in their small bathroom so that they have enough room for all of their essential items. Medicine cabinets and shower caddies can keep a bathroom free of clutter so the room looks larger.

There are no limits when it comes to the creation of extra space. Keeping items off the bathroom counter and neatly organized is a great way to create the illusion of additional space. Adding mirrored tiles or several wall mirrors can make the room look twice as large. A cloakroom suite can look quite spacious when decorated and organized properly.

About Wet Rooms And Wet Room Screens

November 15, 2011 in Shower Screens

One way of keeping your wet room watertight is by using wet room shower screens. As wet room become more popular, more hotels, resorts and residential homes will need proper wet room screens that can effectively prevent water from getting outside of the wet room and add a little aesthetic to the bathroom itself.

A wet room is a watertight enclosure in the bathroom that has no other features aside from a shower head and knob controls for the shower. It is perfect for hotels and residential homes, making the most out of the available bathroom space and keeping the bathroom floor dry. It is made of waterproofed material such as glass, plastic and vinyl. When it comes to the wet room floor, you have a choice of slate, porcelain, granite, ceramic or marble.

There are various advantages of having a wet room. It can keep away water from the pooling in the bathroom floor, keeping it dry which dramatically decreases your chance of accidentally slipping. Aside from this, adding a wet room and in your bathroom can add value to your home, increasing its resale value. Most wet rooms are also quite easy to install and comes with a detailed set of instructions so anyone can install it without professional help. A DIY wet room can cost as little as £100 up to a thousand pounds.

Most wet room installations do not require a permit from your local planning office. However, if you need to alter your drainage system and do some structural changes, you have to consult a building regulations officer to avoid being penalized.

The Benefits Of Shower Baths

November 13, 2011 in Baths

Below are great tips on making your small bathroom beautiful and functional:

Small baths are a great solution to creating more space in the room and shower baths are the answer to added bathroom floor space. The spacious bathroom is a room that brings a soothing and comfortable feeling. So, trying to ensure the ultimate comfort and function in a smaller apartments or homes is important, and that means carefully planning the space.

In a new bathroom installation, moving pipes may be in order, depending on the existing layout and the new plans. Successful planning of the layout will rely totally on space management. Therefore, it is imperative to find storage solutions to create a clutter-free space. When there are many items on display, the room will feel smaller, uncomfortable and unwelcoming. However, when they are all stored away and out of sight, the room will look superb and everything will be in its proper home.

A P-Shaped shower enclosure is a great choice to free up space, as is a quadrant design. The sizes available range between 800mm and 1000mm. Nowadays, consumers can get corner bathroom suites at rates that can suit their budgets. A glass or frameless shower door will lighten the space further, making it feel bigger, and will also provide the same feeling when showering, too. Giving up the regular sized bathtub may be a great investment, providing you with more space, and also reducing energy costs.

When considering color in the bathroom, it is best to go with light ones, which will open up the space. Dark colors come forward, closing it up and making it feel smaller. Adding a large mirror one or two sides will also make the bathroom look more spacious, as well as reflecting light throughout the room. These easy tips can easily make your small bathroom appear larger, even if the area remains the same. It will also provide more space to organize your things and find them quickly.

Choosing The Right Bathroom Furniture

November 11, 2011 in Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture comes in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes and here at Liberty Bathrooms, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Good bathroom furniture can add value to your home, as well as be practical and complete the look of your bathroom. Furniture and fixtures are sometimes overlooked when buying a bathroom, although the furniture you choose is just as important, and regardless of the colour, style and size of your bathroom, we have the furniture to match,

The size of your bathroom will have a bearing on the size and style of furniture that will look its best. If you have a smaller room, you need to make the best use of the space with such things as a wall hung mirror cabinet. This provides both storage space and a mirror without taking up an entire wall. Larger pieces of furniture can be used in a larger room, and you may want to consider using washstands and vanity units with a basin and cabinet combined.

Although we offer a wide range of colours, choosing just the right colour is important and you want to make sure that your furniture matches the overall colour scheme in the bathroom. Although there are no firm rules and ultimately it is up to you, in general, furniture finished in natural wood or darker colours go better with a dark bathroom. On the other hand, if your bathroom is decorated in lighter colours, a modern look can be achieved by using black or coloured furniture.

Installing shelving in your bathroom is also an easy and practical solution if you do not need a lot of storage space or do not want to take up more room than necessary. Shelving can be placed jsut about anywhere, and takes up the least amount of space. Glass shelves look good and can be combined with a mirror, allowing them to blend with the room. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have the options that will make the best use of your bathroom space.

How To Pick Vanity Units For Your Bathrooms

November 9, 2011 in Bathroom Furniture

Most people would attest to the fact that the bathrooms need special attention. Proper maintenance is required in order to keep it clean and germ-free. For the toilet, quality toilet accessories are absolutely necessary. Modern bathroom suites need vanity units that are in keeping with the style. Of course, it would have to also reflect your own personality and still be elegant enough for the small space that needs decorating.

Today’s vanities answer to all the needs of any family, allowing them the added space necessary to store toiletries, towels, and a slew of other items used in the room. Check for wonderful ideas and designs online, that will give you quick results without even having to leave your home. There are so many online retail stores that provide incredible discounts, you will undoubtedly find something suitable to your needs and your tastes.

Budget is a major consideration in such a project. Remodeling the room with bathroom furniture and other accessories has to fit into this budget, but also with the style that will complete the look you are aiming for. If you are working on a small budget, you may even go about it one step at a time. These days, consumers have many more options with regards to the materials, such as glass tiles, instead of the usual ceramic. Glass tiles are beautiful and reasonably priced, adding beauty that simply cannot be captured with ceramics, and they come in varying sizes and shapes.

What a homeowner needs to consider is the color of the tiles, which can be a challenge for some. To decorate a home with some commonality, it is important to look at the other rooms carefully so that some of that color may be brought into this room. Selecting a light color might be a better choice, brightening the room and appearing quite elegant. Perhaps a double bathroom vanity unit would be more in tune with your lifestyle. It allows more than one person to use the space at the same time, reducing stress and allowing mornings to go more smoothly.

In addition to that, it also provides more space to store items. A consumer can find one complete, or one that can be developed according to one’s personal needs and requirements. Regardless of the style, whether it is antique, country, rustic or modern, there is a vanity that is suitable to your space, so long as you put in the effort and time to find it.

One of the most important things when updating your bathroom is to plan the layout of the space. Consider whether it is going to be a regular unit or a corner unit. With regards to sinks, there are practically an endless supply of styles and designs to make your bathroom more unique. For instance, the floating sink has grown in popularity, or the molded option which makes it easy to clean and maintain. When planning and shopping for items, make sure that you take precise measurements, and take them with you.

Also, your measurements should include the existing plumbing connections, where they are located and so on. This will avoid any mistakes or even having to call in a plumber which will cost extra. Online stores have lots of great ideas and options, like opting for one that is made of wood and glass, porcelain and white marble.

Look for double bathroom vanities with cabinets and drawers that would adhere to the style you are aiming to achieve. It will enable you to place your essentials in an organized fashion, making for easy reach and providing a clutter free area to save time. You could also add shelving to the vanity to store towels, providing a linen closet that is convenient.

Caring for your vanity requires attention. It is important to know the materials so that you can use the proper cleaning supplies, thus reducing the risk of damaging the surface. Powder cleansers and acidic substances can truly damage materials, so it is best to stay away from those. If it is marble, it is important to avoid damaging the sealant, because then the natural stone will become damaged as well. Test any products in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it is safe to use. Of course, before anything at all, you would have to find the right bathroom vanity that answers to every need you may have with regards to style, beauty, and function.